H2H BBall Punting TOs

Hi. My name is MDS and I’ve been Boozer free since March of 2009″

My favorite fantasy basketball league, BB Kings Basketball Blues just drafted. It’s a 12 team h2h league with 10 stats: the conventional 9 stats with Rebounds split into two categories: Offensive and Defensive Rebounds. I consider myself the 3 time defending champion, but techinically I didn’t win last year. I lost two tiebreakers in the playoffs so someone else was polishing my trophy besides Virgil or some random chick. But I guess thats what I deserve for drafting Boozer, Bogut n Kaman and naming my team Kaman Your Face.

Anyway, I decided to scrap the yahoo oranks and base my rankings on a strategy of punting Turn Overs. This was a stat not mentioned in Matt Buser’s punting article, which technically makes me smarter than him. It’s just science, don’t argue. If you are going to punt a category, it should be TOs. Since I plan on using my limited roster moves to stream and pick up additional stats, I expect to lose TOs anyway. By punting this stat, I should be able to accumlate bigger n better numbers across the other counting stats (3pt, Pts, Ast, Stl, Blk, OReb, DReb) and gain an advantage that way. Believe me, in a h2h league you don’t want flimsy players like Rasheed Wallace or Ray Allen delicately padding your numbers. You want the players going to town with a reckless style like the Tazmanian Devil. In all reality tho, the players with high turnovers are the players who have the ball in the hands more often, who are the players with the highest counting stats.

Players I Targeted
Nash, Rondo, Felton, Stuckey

Iguodala, Gordon

Gay, Diaw, Bosh, Duncan, West, Lee, Harrington, Hawes

Howard, O’Neal, Gasol, Perkins

Players I Avoided
Calderon, Bibby, Barbosa, Terry, Conley

Roy, Richardson, Allen, Howard, Crawford, Hamilton

Marion, Millsap, Odom, Williams, Kirilenko, Stojakovic, Battier

Garnett, Jamison, Murphy, Camby, Okur, Wallace, Randolph, Noah

I did end up drafting a few low TO players like Gerald Wallace, Al Horford and Chris Anderson, but I really needed Birdman’s blocks and Wallace n Horford are quality players I can use to test the trade market for one of the PF/C I wanted during the draft. It wasn’t easy trying to acquire certain players without reaching when I was stuck in the 11 spot at the tail end of the snake draft.

Another idea I wanted to deploy was to use a PG at four positions: PG, SG, G n UT. There are a lot of PGs who have nice value at their ADP and they usually have a lot of TOs so this would have been a nice complimentary strategy to punting the stat. I would have targeted PGs who have more rebounds than others to make up for using one at the UT instead of a PF/C I usually use. I kind of wandered away from the plan midway thru the draft after I spent high picks on Arenas, Wallace, Gay and started to look at big men during the times some of my favorite PG picks were flying off the board. Sessions was my consolation prize.

Now if this were roto, things would be different. Things will be different. I am awaiting an invite from Matt Buser for a roto league invitation. You can sign up to play at busersports.com, but it takes a little work. You have to create an ID at his website and then on a message board. Then register your yahoo ID at his website and post a message in the right thread. All the hoop jumping took me about 10-15 minutes. I consider Buser to be one of the best fantasy bball gurus around so it should be worth it. I used his roto position primers, BFun’s BigBoard, a few other outside opinions and my all knowing common sense to formulate my rankings.

F turnovers and F Carlos Boozer. In some circles I’m known as Mannie Fresh and I just drafted the BirdMan. Maybe if I complete the 12 step program I need to do to get over the championship trophy Boozer cost me, I can change my team name to a Big Tymers related theme.