Arch Rivals Draft Results

Sunday Night was the big night. There was talking of the trash, dollar bills were flying around like it was Pacman’s favorite strip club and we had a good ole fashion duel for the rights to marry own Al Horford in the very first Arch Rivals blog league basketball auction draft. It wasn’t all rebellious […]


NBA Corpo Update

Through the power of peer pressure, we made Keith downgrade Russell Westbrook a few spots. Not enough if you ask me, but it’s a start. We’ll tackle one issue at a time and for this round, we need to mock him for ranking Andre Miller above Darren Collison. We should remind Keith that Miller is […]

Arch Rivals Blog League _rT2fNO236I[/youtube] Get Ready, Tyrone! We’re rolling out the red carpet for another Million Dollar Blog League, Arch Rivals Fantasy Basketball. The league has a standard feel to it: 12 team (possibly 14) rotisserie, the usual 9 scoring categories and 10 starting roster slots (plus 3 bench). This will be a Live Auction Draft set […]


Fantasy Basketball Corporate Ladder

The Fantasy Basketball Corporate Ladder is now up and running. Keith Petrower will govern the ladder and will attempt to update it every Thursday. Keith was the very first podcast host to have me on his show, back in the day. You may remember him from and you can harass him here in the […]


Q & A with The Fantasy Dudes

Fantasy Basketball is quickly approaching, I know I have a draft coming this weekend, so it’s only appropriate to do a little something, something for the bball draft season. We will be revealing the Fantasy Basketball Corporate Ladder very soon, but for now, we have an illuminating Q&A with The Fantasy Dudes. Their blog site […]


H2H BBall Playoffs

I didn’t want to post this until I drafted my H2H basketball team, but what the hell… you can say you heard it here first. Make sure to target Chicago players in your H2H basketball leagues (especially in auction drafts, no reaching involved). The Bulls play 14 games during our playoffs with 7 of those […]

Got Beef?

I think the H2H basketball league I am in, BB Kings Basketball Blues, will be breaking records… it’s only week 8 and there are 2,052 message board posts. Seriously. Most of em are a bunch of “my team can beat up your team” and “oh yeah!?!” messages. Frankly I think some are threatened/offended by the […]

BBall Week 7

Schedule Breakdown: 4 games: CHI, CLE, DEN, GS, MIN, NJ, POR, SA, TOR, UTA 3 games: ATL, BOS, CHA, DAL, DET, HOU, IND, LAL, MEM, MIL, NO, OKC, ORL, PHI, PHO, SAC 2 games: LAC, MIA, NY, WAS Streamer HQ NBA’s busy days: Wed(9 games), Fri(11 games) Schedule Breakdown: for Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun […]

BBall Week 6

Schedule Breakdown: Four games: CHI, DAL, GSW, IND, MIA, MIL NYK PHO, TOR, WAS Three games: ATL, BOS, CHA, CLE, DEN, DET, HOU, LAL, MEM, MIN, NJN, PHI, SAC, UTA Two games: LAC, NOR, OKC, ORL, POR, SAS Streamer HQ NBA’s busy days: Wed (10 games), Fri (10 games), Sat (9 games) Schedule Breakdown: for […]

BBall Week 5

Schedule Breakdown: Four games: DAL, DEN, LAC, MEM, MIL, MIN, NJN, NYK, ORL, PHI, POR, SAC, SAS, TOR Three games: ATL, BOS, CHA, CLE, DET, GSW, HOU, IND, LAL, MIA, OKC, PHO, UTA, WAS Two games: CHI, NOR Streamer HQ: NBA’s busy days: Wed (12 games), Fri (12 games), Sun (10 games) Schedule Breakdown: for […]

BBall Wk 4

Schedule Breakdown via Buser’s Court Report Four-game teams: ATL, CHA, CLE, DET, HOU, IND, MIA, MIL, NOR, OKC, ORL, POR, TOR Three-game teams: BOS, CHI, DAL, DEN, GSW, LAC, LAL, MEM, NJN, NYK, PHI, PHO, SAC, SAS, UTH, WAS Two-game teams: MIN Streamer HQ NBA’s busy days: Wed (12 games), Fri (10 games), Sat (9 […]

Buser Invitational

First off, Matt Buser is not in this league. Virgil is upset. Blaze is crying foul. Frankly, I think it was false advertising and I might press charges. Right now, I have the IRS looking into how much he’s worth. Aside from Buser not being in the Buser Sports Invitational, the league is pretty solid. […]

H2H BBall Punting TOs

“Hi. My name is MDS and I’ve been Boozer free since March of 2009″ My favorite fantasy basketball league, BB Kings Basketball Blues just drafted. It’s a 12 team h2h league with 10 stats: the conventional 9 stats with Rebounds split into two categories: Offensive and Defensive Rebounds. I consider myself the 3 time defending […]