are you suffering too?

I think I’m beginning to display all the classic symptoms: fever, runny nose, headache, body aches, chills and fatigue, among other things. No I’m not talking about swine flu, I’m speaking of a much more serious problem…. Brett Favre withdrawls. The Vikings would have won the Super Bowl tonite if it weren’t for Adrian Fumble Fingers Peterson. It woulda been something like 42-0, I just know it!

other classic symptoms of Brett Favre withdrawls:
loss of interest in the Favre-less Super Bowl
developing conspiracy theories about the Vikes NFC championship loss
lashing out at anyone who mentions Brett retiring
Chester Taylor is your new favorite running back
going back n forth, contemplating retiring from fantasy football

Are you suffering too? This is a serious illness that requires immediate action. People who have not acted in time have been known to ask their barber for the Jared Allen and may even bruise their own hamstring and ankle to feel Brett’s pain. It’s never wise to self medicate but you must act now, drink two beers and email me in the morning.