Bloody Sunday (updated)

Where was this Darren McFadden guy last year? He made me look like an asshole after drafting him in Rd 3 of deeper PPR leagues. I didn’t get to see of this game and I may continue to turn a blind eye. Color me skeptical, but that’s just the player hater in me. The reality of the situation is a grim one for Michael Bush. Run DMC gets paid starter money and the team wants him to succeed. I have Bush on a dynasty team; he was a free agent pick up at the end of last season, so I’m not invested like most, but I’m worried. McFadden finished the game with 95 rushing yards on 18 carries with 6 receptions, 55 yards and a TD against TEN.

Matt Moore looked pretty damn bad playing against the Giants of New York. He completed 14 of 33 pass attempts for 182 yards and a TD to go along with 3 INT and a concussion. Thank god I traded him, Derrick Mason and Rashard Mendenhall for Jay Cutler and Arian Foster. I would have looked pretty stupid trotting Moore out there as my QB (no matter how deep the league).

Hakeem Nicks lived up to and went beyond my expectations today. Three, count ’em three, TD for the Giants’ best WR. I’ve had discussions with New York fans and they all seem to be betting against Nicks for some weird reason. They love that little midget Steve Smith (NYG). I don’t get it. I tried (hard) to land Nicks in all my leagues, but someone was always willing to go the extra dollar. Shit. [26-yard TD] [19-yard TD] [5-yard TD]

Say hello to Arian Foster, your 2010 fantasy football MVP.

I noticed people fighting over Austin Collie in my auction leagues. No wars erupted, but there were minor skirmishes. 10 catches, 131 yards and one TD later, I’m wondering where was I during those mini-battles. Last year in Week 5 he caught 8 passes for 97 yards and then disappeared in Week 6. OK, technically it was Indy’s bye week, but he caught only 4 passes for 36 yards in Week 7. There’s plenty of action to go around in that offense and I’m not ready to deem Collie an every week performer or say he is better than Pierre Garcon (4 rec, 75 yd, fum).

Hey look, it’s Eddie Royal! Brandon Lloyd was listed as the WR1 on the Broncos depth chart and he pulled down 5 catches for 117 yards (and nearly had a TD). Nice grab for anyone in need of bench depth. Start writing those FAAB checks, but don’t go too crazy, Demaryius Thomas should play next week. Did you hear that? Kyle Orton just told Chad Henne to “suck it!“.

Matt Ryan and Michael Turner are both on pace for zero touchdowns, but only one makes for a good Buy Low target. I wouldn’t bet on The Burner averaging 2.2 yards per carry for the rest of the season. Find some fallen timber, cast a lure and switch bait if need be.

Ronnie Brown 15 touches. Ricky Williams 18 carries.

Jahvid Best scored his first career TD and added another (after being reviewed, questionable at best). If I had him on a team, I would shop him hard. This has Sell High written all over it. I watched most of the game and he looked like shit against the Bears: 14 rushing attempts, 20 yards. It sounds like Stafford is going to miss some time (early speculation was 4 or 6 weeks) and the Lions offense was lost with Shaun Hill leading the way. Use the two TD and preseason hype to drive the price up and BAIL!

I’m glad that I got a piece of Jay Cutler this year. I didn’t draft him, but I made up for it by trading for his rights. The Lions were getting to him, as expected in a Mike Martz offense, but he seemed to drop back far enough to see where the pressure was coming from and reacted/moved around well. You can’t avoid the occasional bad decision/throw with Cutler, but we can live with the results in the high volume offense. He is going to get sacked and he is going to throw picks, but I don’t think he’s going to be decapitated like some were crying. It looks like Aromashodu is going to be the most valuable WR here. [Jay Cutler Highlights]

Tom Brady has a lot of weapons. It’s just not fair.

I’d shop Carson Palmer if I had him. I wouldn’t take Pawn Stars prices, but that was a lot of garbage time production. You might want to cash in, if possible. Just saying…

Hey look, Jake Delhomme threw two picks on ABC. Change the channel, this is a rerun.

Jerome Harrison 10 touches. Peyton Hillis 13 touches.

Carnell Williams 22 rushes, 3.4 ypc. Kareem Huggins 0 touches. WTF!

to be continued… (SF @ SEA, GB @ PHI, ARI @ STL, DAL @ WAS)

How did I forget this play? This is embarrassing for the NFL [Calvin’s TD] That took a TD away from me (not to mention the reception and yards) and is going to cost me a matchup. He had control, he had two feet, an ass and a knee down. Have you ever seen a better display of ball control? Calvin had the ball gripped with one freakin’ hand like he was about to dunk a women’s league bball! Stupid, stupid rule and horrible decision by the refs.

Matt told the Niners to not Hassel the Beck. 18 for 23 and 3 total TD (2 pass, 1 rush). Of course, there were only 170 yards and an INT that came with the surprising numbers. By surprising numbers, I mean he was started in 2% of Yahoo! leagues. 1 out of 50 leagues people. Good luck Selling High.

Justin Forsett 10 touches, Julius Jones 8 carries, Leon Washington 6 carries.

Frank Gore. What the hell happened. If anyone watched the game, please let me know. How disappointing is 38 yards (no TD) on 17 rushing attempts from Frank Gore. Against the Seahawks!!! I didn’t see anything from the Niners offense, well, because there was nothing to see.

I don’t think anyone expected huge numbers from Kevin Kolb in Week 1. He was coming out of an ineffective preseason and going up against one of the best defenses from 2009. He went 5 for 10 before sustaining one of the weakest concussions of all time. Michael Vick entered and did his usual thing; throw terrible passes and run all over the place. Everyone is still waiting to hear the results of the MRI. I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses time or he doesn’t. Anyone who wants Vick to quarterback the Eagles must have no stake in DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin or Brent Celek. Vick supporters can fuck off.

Ryan Grant also left the game with an ankle injury. Brandon Jackson is looking like a “Flavor of the Week” waiver wire grab. Grant also had that “concussion” during the preseason. Jackson didn’t overly impress (18 carries, 63 yards), but he is must own material if Grant cannot suit up for Week 2. Sounds like he will miss the BUF game.

Derek Anderson missed Larry Fitzgerald and then he missed him again and again. From what it sounds like, he targeted Fitz 15 times and he ended up with 3 receptions. But what did we expect from a guy who has a career completion percentage of 53%. How do those Larry Fitzgerald supporters feel now?

Mark Clayton (10-119) and Steve Breaston (7-132) put up surprising numbers. I wouldn’t bet on that happening again.

The DAL-WAS game was a snoozer for the most part. Roy Williams and Alex Barron provided some excitement/amusement at the end, but that game may have been more disappointing than the MIN-NO Thursday night opener. Felix the Pussy… Cat failed to log 10 carries, Portis looked ineffective with 18 carries and Donovan McNabb disappointed his owners. It was nice to see Dez Bryant grab 8 receptions for 56 yards. He’s going to be good (you probably knew that already, unless you’re Josh McDaniels).