Bring the Noise Blog League

Round 2 vs Brad Evans

Again, this is a blog league where the other 16 managers are from who knows where. IMO, they’re all scrubs. We had one guy claiming autodrafting is the way to pick your players, then he put a kicker on the trade block. Then he quit. These are the types of losers I have to put up with while trying to take out Yahoo’s finest.

The league was interesting in that it was an 18 team PPR league. 18 teams is a lot, the deepest league I’ve played. It wasn’t horrible, but I wouldn’t join a 20 team league. My draft was OK at best. In a deep league like this I would not advise drafting to trade, but I couldn’t pass up on Felix Jones and then Ahmad Bradshaw as my 4th n 5th rd picks (my 3rd n 4th RB). I needed some WR n QB help after the draft and I wasn’t comfortable. If I didn’t make some trades, I prolly would have gotten my ass kicked. Here are the deals I made:

Oct 1st
dealt: Steve Slaton, Shaun Hill and Michael Jenkins
for: Randy Moss, Brett Favre and Jermichael Finley

Oct 22nd
dealt: Ahmad Bradshaw and Kyle Orton
for: Steven Jackson

These two trades helped put my team back on the map. I started the season 1-4 and ended up winning my division with a 8-5 record. The 5 week win streak, including a 96 pt win over Brad Evans, was huge for my team, but I lost in rd 1 of the playoffs. This set up a consolation playoff matchup vs Evans, but he didn’t even set his lineup so that was LAME. Talk about taking your ball and going home. You won’t ever see MDS pack it in, even if I lose in the first rd to some lucky scrub.

Even tho I destroyed Evans in the regular season, somehow he beat me in the playoffs with his mediocre team. Lucky, but I have to consider this another dam loss to Evans. My team was by far the best in the league heading into the playoffs, but everyone knows the pitfalls of H2H play. You just have to suck it up sometimes. I’ll just have to settle for giving him the worst beating of his fantasy career, scoring more points than him during the season and capturing my 2nd Bring the Noise blog league divisional title. Sigh

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