But Ma……

Ahhhh i was all set to ignore this guy, but if you must know… I stuffed him inside a box of cracker jacks with the likes of morris, choice, bush, buckhalter and the other morris. what? just cuz I’m not ignoring him doesn’t mean ill ever pick him. hes just a notch above dante and this… ughhhh, wheres Chuck Cecil when ya need him?

You’ll never see players get completely snubbed by fantasy experts. They have to be professional or they’ll be attacked by ravenous homers, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. believe me, players get snubbed on their personal lists. I’d bet money BFun doesn’t take his Big Board with him into the draft room. Hes prolly got a secret list with Housh, Hasselbeck and Steve Largent near the top. Don’t be afraid to cast aside complete losers like Cedric Benson and let someone else degrade their team with them. Willis McGahee, Julius Jones, Roy Williams among others will never see the light of a Million Dollar roster this year. I’m not buying the ADP, or anything near it, and I know someone else will. Adios Amigos

…and yes, if i was in a league that drafted 1,961 players i still wouldnt draft Matt Leinart. what a chode