Controversy Abound

I’m no stranger to controversy. Most (not all) of my comments around the web are intended to spark emotions, ignite fires and create arguments. Outside of this place, you cannot take much of what I say seriously. Today I told someone Damian Williams will outscore Jeremy Maclin in a league that uses Return Yards. I love to spread propaganda, but before this post turns into “my escapades in smear campaigns” I need to get back to what I was about to hop into. I want to get into some players whom I have mixed feelings for. Some people love ’em, some hate ’em. Me? Well, make the jump and see what I’m thinking at this point in time. I’m guessing the comments section will get heated, which I enjoy.

Jamaal Charles Earlier I said I wouldn’t bet against Thomas Jones and now he’s been named the Chiefs No.1 RB. Is this a depth chart ploy from Haley? Doubtful. I understand why people are upset over this, but I also understand why Haley would want to manage the run game this way. Pound the ball with the bruising back and bring in Charles for third downs and later in the game when the defense is tired. Charles did not prove he can carry the load for the entire season, he only played eight games. With Jones stealing more than a handful of carries (including short yardage carries), I don’t see Charles wearing any MDS jerseys outside of PPR leagues (and that is only if he is cheap).

Steve Smith The Giants will look to get back to their running ways of the past. Last year they were forced to utilize the pass game as they found themselves behind more often and their running backs were fighting through injuries. Ahmad Bradshaw was productive despite two fractured feet; he is healthy and looking to edge out Brandon Jacobs for the No.1 RB label. Jacobs was playing through knee pain last year and has come back slimmer, looking to regain his swagger. If you check out Smith’s game log, it’s fairly easy to see his numbers sank when Hakeem Nicks started to make waves. With the running game shouldering more of the load and Nicks/Barden hauling in the touchdowns, I am avoiding Smith outside of PPR leagues.

OK, those first two weren’t really mixed feelings, they weighed more towards the hate side…

Jonathan Stewart Before DeAngelo Williams went down, Stewart averaged only 10.8 carries per game. For a guy who has an ADP of 30.97, I want more than 11 carries. I see a lot of, “but if DeAngelo gets hurt, JStew will be huge!”. That is true, but are you paying that kind of price hoping for an injury? If that’s your line of thinking, just wait three rounds and draft Ricky Williams. You have a better chance of Ronnie Brown getting hurt than DeAngelo. And there is part of me that wants to think that JStew earned more carries and could even take over the No.1 role, which has me on the fence with DeAngelo too.

Antonio Gates should be a monster with Vincent Jackson sitting out, whining about his contract. The only thing that worries me with Gates is the plantar fascitis. These injuries tend to linger, but it was reported to be a minor issue and doesn’t seem to be holding him back so far through camp. I’d love to own Gates on at least one team, but the TE position is full of talent and Gates is expensive. Plus I’m still upset with Antonio for complaining about not getting touchdowns, he stole points from my boy Vincent Jackson down the stretch last year.

Percy Harvin Migraines. Remember Terrell Davis?

Hines Ward How can you not be on the fence with Ward? He’s old as dirt (34), has a physical style of play, is currently battling hamstring issues and he has Byron Leftwich throwing the ball to him for at least four weeks. Then there is the consistent 1,000 yard seasons with six or more scores per. I’ll apply some cream to the Hiney Warts if I’m staring at a thin pool of talent at WR, but I won’t be too comfortable doing so.

Mike Wallace is a deep play threat and I don’t see Leftwich connecting with him often. It’s an often dangerous play to target a WR who scored six times on only 39 receptions. For someone who averaged 19.4 YPC and is moving into a starting role (Holmes is gone), I am somewhat surprised to not see his ADP higher than 73.5. I do like Wallace, but I see him more as someone who I will look to trade for after we get 2-3 weeks into the season. I’ll just have to bust out the used car salesman act.

Derrick Mason is getting older and Anquan Boldin is now in town. He retired (allegedly) once already. Like Hines Ward, Mason has been one of the more consistent WR in the NFL. He’s had eight 1,000 yard seasons in the past nine years. The questions here are: do you side with the lighter coverage or more targets argument and do you believe the BAL pass game can support two quality fantasy WR? Mason is another PPR only option for me.

Robert Meachem I think everyone knows the potential Meachem has. It’s that damn little piggy that went all the way to the surgeon. Meachem is still dealing with the toe issue and is still a couple weeks away from practicing. This is why I am higher on Lance Moore than most. It would be hard for me to pass on Meachem at his ADP (77.47), but….

Clinton Portis The Skins upgraded the oline, Portis is reunited with Shanny, McNabb should stretch the field… and then there was the concussion heard ’round the world. Portis averaged 5.5 YPC while in Denver and hasn’t come close to that number since being traded to Washington six years ago. Normally I would avoid a guy who is one helmet-to-helmet hit away from retirement, but the ADP (93.54) is pretty damn enticing. A starting RB that late? Why not?

ADP numbers are from MockDraftCentral.com