Fantasy Football!


Yahoo! fantasy football opened up for registration today! I’ve already set up one league and the draft is coming up…. in 95 days. That is a long wait. Anyway, it’s time to do some recruiting. I am looking for two clans/gangs of managers. Anyone who has a group of regulars they do battle against, who thinks they can take on the Abbot and the Drunk Monks aka the Million Dollar Man-agers can step up.

What you Need: yourself and three more Old Dirty Bzas, plus mad fantasy skillz
the Setup: four divisions of four teams, likely using PPR (0.50 pts) and IDP
Wu-Tang vs Shaolin: each week your division will do battle against another division

If you have a clan of private leaguers and you think you guys are good, we’ll be over here ready to prove you wrong. Get a hold of me, email style, using the “Contact” link above and tell me you and three others are ready to rumble. I’ll need four email addresses and the name of your division and maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you the pleasure of losing to MDS and his merry band of renegade private leaguers. If you have questions, feel free to ask away in the comments or contact me. This is a similar setup as the MDS vs MOE league from last season, we just added two more divisions and Individual Defensive Players. Forget the 10 team public leagues, it’s time for some custom fun.



UPDATE The Enter the 16 Chambers league is full. Thanks to everyone who contacted me with their groups of private leaguers.