Danny Boy!

It’s Danny Ware time. Pick him up now. If you’re in one of my leagues, it’s too late. Erik Archer stopped MDS from making a clean sweep across my 6 leagues. You can thank him later for stopping the jinx. Ahmad Bradshaw is a manly man and is playing with some broken stuff in his foot. He plans on playing til he can no longer play, which should be real soon. I got my million dollar wager on the 3rd quarter this week. I recently traded Bradshaw n Orton for Steven Jackson, but I still have him on 1 team and I’m proud to roster someone who says this:

“I just plan on going out there and giving it my all and if it breaks, it does,” Bradshaw said. “I’ll get surgery. If not, I’ll wait to the end of the season and hopefully at the end I won’t need it, but more than likely I plan on having surgery.”

That is a man’s man. Ahmad must have been a lumberjack in his former life. Maybe one of those crab fisher guys who fell overboard and surfed a wave back into the boat on the carcass of a dead manatee. I think Sasquatch would even tolerate Ahmad messing with him in a beef jerky commercial.

so…… it’s Danny Ware time. That guy who was annoying me preseason when everyone was trying to say he was the true handcuff to Brandon Jacobs. I always countered saying Bradshaw was the guy to own as he is the change of pace n (hopefully) the third down RB. Fortunately, Danny suffered an elbow injury and didn’t hurt my investments. Bradshaw is a ticking time bomb and soon enuff, the farmers are coming after the football Frankenstein with pitchforks. Danny Ware could be set to deliver nice stats down the stretch run. Scoop him up asap.

Also in RB news, Vince Young is about to destroy Chris Johnson’s value. I gotta go send more offers for good RBs… peace out