Danny DaVeto

Veto’ing a trade is a big gray area in fantasy sports. There are no rules or regulations for blocked trades. In most leagues, you have the right to veto every trade and really, its a viable option. There’s no reason for you to approve of one team, or even two, improving. It is in your team’s best interest to block all trades and I know a manager who will do just that. I don’t think it has as much to do with his team’s best interests rather than his disdain of all managers who want to beat him. Normally, its ok tho cuz he’s the only one doing it. Luckily, over the years I have befriended? enough good managers that I have a regular group of private leaguers that don’t need anyone telling them how to manage their team. Trades in my private leagues are automatically passed through. No waiting, no votes. It’s great.

Trade Reject Time: 0

Trade Review: Commissioner

Most people (including me) will say a trade doesn’t deserve to be blocked unless there is obvious collusion, but sometimes I will secretly cast a veto for lopsided deals. Maybe I’ll even post a sly comment about the trade in hopes of other managers doing the same. The word veto won’t be mentioned, but in the back of their mind the reader is thinking about it. It’s all apart of the MDS subliminal message and propaganda machine.

I have finally tried to veto a trade this fantasy football season. Yes!!! Brad Evans is trying to deal Marques Colston for Rashard Mendenhall. Brad just lost Leon Washington for the season and doesn’t want to start Julius Jones. He turned down my Pierre Thomas n Jermichael Finley offer (two of his fav man crushes) and sent a bad counter offer my way. After that I sent a few more questionable offers to tease him and his situation. Good times. Anyway, I tried to nix his Sproles for Royal trade last year so I thought I’d continue the festivities and try to block this one too. Similar to Festivus, this will be my off the wall holiday. The Bring the Noise Blog League uses a Yahoo! Sports trade review system. No one in the league, including Brad himself, has the ability to cast a vote. You have to “protest” and send a message to someone. I don’t know who these people are, but they have let some real questionable trades slide thru so it is basically useless to try. Last year I told them the dude sending Eddie Royal to Brad was just trying to buddy up to him and bribe him for an invite next year. No dice. They weren’t buying the MDS conspiracy theory. Maybe this year I can bribe them lol.

For me, the veto’d trade is a love hate relationship. It’s always fun to veto a trade out of sheer spite, but it is not healthy for a league. Especially if you veto my trade. Oh boy. I will make evil promises of veto’ing all future trades and then start making accusations of who I think secretly blocked my deal. People get called out, threats are made and the commish gets strict orders to push it thru via commish tools. It definitely takes awhile for the dust to settle, sometimes it never does. My advice: play vs people you know/trust and get rid of the “league votes” trade review system. Easier said than done, but it is nice. Otherwise, just stick to stopping collusion.