Dear Diary

Friday, Sept 22nd

Why do I hate fantasy football so much? Is it because of the absurd amount of injuries? LT and Pierre are fueling some anger right about now. Maybe it’s the inconsistency of week to week production. Greg Jennings, you’re dead to me. Perhaps it’s the 2-0 team who hasn’t even scored 200 pts yet, in a PPR league. I’m sure part of it is Toyota trying to use MDS’ name to sell their sweet rides, two weeks in a row. Where are my royalties beyotches? A lot of it is probably just left over hatred from Cedric Benson. I will never stop hating that guy. A few of my teams have looked ugly so far, but it’s only week two. At least Carson Palmer had 4 TDs vs the Packers and an old dude got a few shots in on the Ocho, niiice. Is that Cecil from Mr. Deeds? What else happened that I like… Devery Henderson pulled in 71 yds receiving. Him n Buckhalter made Behrens look bad. Playing with my boys is like playing with my emotions. If MDS was cruisin in a low rider and rolled up on Behrens in the hood, our convo would have prolly gone down like this (with Virgil driving of course):

Behrens: Wassup MDS?
MDS: Where you got Devery n Bucky ranked?
Behrens: man, I didn’t rank em
MDS: you still aint rank my boys yet Behrens!
Behrens: man I’m trying to MDS, but defenses are tough this week
MDS: I dont think youre applying yourself Behrens
Behrens: Huh?
MDS: you adding n starting my boys!?!
Behrens: hell no, starting your boys? hell no!
MDS: you starting my boys?!?
Behrens: now why would I start your boys?
MDS: Im gonna have to mess your team up Behrens. Playing with my boys is like playing with my emotions.

What else is going on in my fantasy hood? I’d like to buy-low on Steve Slaton. The Jets and Titans have provided some of us, better managers, a window of opportunity to acquire Slaton. Felix Jones has given me some room to breathe. I’m happy I landed Brent Celek in a few leagues. He was getting hyped up from a couple different sources so it was getting hard to tell when someone would step up and grab him. I’m starting to dislike Ahmad Bradshaw more n more. He better start catching some passes. Chester Taylor isn’t giving me much hope for production. Nothing from him vs the Lions, AP seems to be getting a bigger share of the touches and the offense’s potential is limited with Favre throwing short passes. I’m glad I fell for the Desean Jackson hype. I recognized the problem, but still fell for it. Hype is a powerful seductress. I think I’m officially done with Donnie Avery and everyone else named Donnie. Has anyone seen Chris Henry or Josh Morgan? I tried to sell on them before the season, but it aint easy being greasy in tougher leagues.

I’ve always claimed I could get more points from my kicker spot (by streaming) than the dude who drafted Stephen Gostkowski in rd 11. For the most part, I didn’t even draft a kicker and the one time I did, I dropped him for a free agent. I like kickers playing for strong offenses, vs weak defenses and games in a dome are always a plus. There’s no science to it. Sometimes I’ll go with a kicker on a team that has a good passing game, but weak running game or vice versa. Or simply, a team with bad red zone efficiency. So far, across 6 teams, I’ve played:

Week 1: Tynes vs Was, Carney vs Det, Mare vs Stl
Week 2: Tynes @ Dal, Carney @ Phi, Scobee vs Ari

Some week 3 Vinateri @ Ari action doesn’t look too bad. Maybe some Suisham @ Det too