Denominations of Draft Currency

Hide ya bid buttons, hide ya auction dollars and hide ya co-managers…
Photo Credit: mattockadam

In the beginning stages of an auction draft I tend to nominate players who I do not want and will cost a pretty penny. Obviously the goal is to reduce the purchasing power of my opponents while filling their roster with suspect players. Sometimes I will nominate a player that I want if I’m one of the very first people to step the podium as most managers tend to hesitate in the very early bidding process. When I show up to the online auction draft I fill my queue with players with those I do not want. After the jump I’ll share my predraft queue.

Michael Vick is Matthew Berry’s No. 1 overall player. He likes to pay for past stats (career years), I do not. We all heard about Vick’s improved play under center, but he did fade down the stretch. After seven interception-free games he threw six picks in his final five regular season games. The Vikings and Packers figured out Vick’s game towards the end of the season and NFL defenses will study these games and continue to hit Vick this season. His style of play makes him a big injury risk. I’m not going to extrapolate his numbers (huge mistake) and pay for his career season. I will nominate Michael Vick and watch while managers duke it out for an overrated player.

Aaron Rodgers is coming off a couple concussions (two, possibly three). OK, that’s my main gripe here, but he is also very expensive ($35 average at Y!). I will not pay top-tier prices for a QB. I want the cheapest option of the top seven Quarterbacks and Aaron Rodgers will not be that person.

Peyton Manning is another expensive QB that has some minor injury concerns. Neck surgery in back-to-back seasons for the reigning iron man of the NFL should not be ignored. Not only does he have concerns about his health, but Dallas Clark and Austin Collie are returning from their own maladies. Something else to keep in mind; Reggie Wayne will turn 33-years old this season and outside of two games last year he wasn’t very impressive. I’m sure Manning will be fine, but he’s too rich for my blood.

Ben Roethlisberger won’t cost anyone $30, but he’s dumb, has a stupid name, is overrated and has a bum foot. He is an injury risk (details here). NFL broadcasters love the oaf, but he’s played seven seasons now and has topped 20 TD only twice. There’s no way I’d take Roethlisberger over Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Matt Stafford, Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler or Sam Bradford (all players ranked below Ben at Y!). Over…rated!

Brandon Lloyd is coming off 1,448 yard 11 TD season. Someone will not be able to resist those numbers. He’s averaging $23 in Y! auction drafts. I would maybe pay $15 for Brandon, but that isn’t happening so I won’t even entertain the idea. Denver will experience growing pains as they’re undergoing a management change (John Fox likes to run the ball) and it’s possible the wild-armed Tim Tebow takes over at some point. Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker could emerge to take targets away too. The manager who pays for this career year will be the Harry Dunn to Brandon’s Lloyd Christmas.

Wes Welker is a midget. He’s not a little person, he’s a midget. Let’s just get that out of the way. The guy is overrated outside of PPR leagues. He failed to reach 900 yards last year and has never been a threat in the red zone. I can’t spend WR2 money on a player who may not get more than 4 TD. With Rob Gronkowski emerging as an unstoppable force, Aaron Hernandez making plays and Ochocinco entering the fold I have little faith in whitey being a difference maker. Someone else can spend $20 on wittle Wes Welker.

Dez Bryant is a talented player, but we’re talking about a guy who has topped 86 yards only once and emerged as a viable WR option with John Kitna taking snaps. Tony Romo favors Miles Austin, Jason Witten commands targets and there are three Runningbacks in Dallas who deserve touches. It’s nice to see Roy Williams out of the picture, but he was a chump so it’s not that big a deal. What is a big deal is Bryant’s $24 average price tag. Damn Gina! He’s already the 14th most expensive WR at Y! He’s going to be a good player, but people are already paying for the speculative bump in stats.

Frank Gore is the Evil Knievel of the NFL. The guy has broken every bone in his body, including his hip last season. Since the ’06 season, when he had 312 rushing attempts, Gore has missed 10 games over four seasons. This includes games during our fantasy playoffs in two of those four seasons. Can you trust Frank Gore? I can’t. He did me dirty last year. Let’s do the rundown: torn ACL (left knee), major surgery on both shoulders, ankle injury, groin injury, broken hip. Normally I don’t like to nominate Runningbacks until I have three starters (Flex spot RB), but for Gore I’ll make an exception.

Ahmad Bradshaw is another RB I don’t mind pushing off the side. He’s a bowlegged bastard (source, not my opinion). His “bowlegged ferocity” causes foot and ankle problems, he’s an injury waiting to happen. As one of the more expensive RB2s in the draft I can’t invest in the unknown commodity. Mad shout outs to all my former Danny Ware promoters.

Tony Gonzalez is an old man. He turned 35 in February, or 53 in NFL years (similar to dog years). Old Man Tony fell off the cliff last season as he averaged only 41 yards per game. He topped 75 yards only once. Despite the obvious decline people are still drafting Gonzo as a Top 8 Tight End. Tony will likely be the teams fourth option on offense as he takes a back seat to Julio Jones. It could get ugly before he retires at seasons end. Tony won’t command a large sum of funny money, but it would be nice to eliminate one person from the Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski, Owen Daniels and Aaron Hernandez sweepstakes. I usually don’t have much money left over for my Tight End position.

I thought about adding Maurice Jones-Drew and Steven Jackson to this list, but it’s likely that someone else will nominate these players in the early going. I would rather have people spending big monies on Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers before they try to trump my bid on a Runningback. Plus as long as those two are still available people will be less likely to outbid me for the better options at RB. I try to avoid nominating Runningbacks unless I have filled my quota.

There are a lot of other (cheaper) potential busts that we could nominate, but sometimes it’s better to let those players sit for awhile. Auction drafts have ebbs and flows where managers will spend freely or enter thrift mode. It’s always nice to have a stash of busts to nominate for when people start going crazy (when they realize they have a lot of money and the player pool is thinning). The potential busts that I like to nominate early on are the ones that command big price tags.

Did I forget anyone? Should Dwayne Bowe and his 15 TD from last year be put up for bid right away? Is Jeremy Maclin overrated at $23 cash? The comment section is all yours. Peace – @andrewakamds