Depth Chart Digging: Week 10

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Election Day 2012 has come and gone and for the general public. It’s been as frustrating and annoying as watching a Philadelphia Eagles football match. I refer to it is a match because when Michael Vick and the Eagles have the football, it is on the turf more often then a soccer match in Britain.

Sit and ask yourself which player is the biggest “must-start” tool in the league this year? Aaron Rodgers? Arian Foster? Wrong and wrong. Look no further then the windy city (and no we’re not talking about the many talents of Jay Cutler) and the defense which resides in the depths of Soldier Field. ‘Da Bears take their show on the road too. The Bears defense is strong enough to guide a team to the fantasy playoffs and they are dynamic enough to see themselves in New Orleans.

How do you get better at fantasy football? Pick up players before they are relevant. Acquire photos of your rival’s girlfriend and put it as your team logo. Always be a student of this crazy game. The long lines at the polls should have been combatted by lengthy, in-depth research of fantasy knowledge. It was also probably escorted by scouring the waiver wire seven times just to make sure that Joique Bell really is not there. Read up and fill up. Time to make that playoff push.

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Dwayne Allen (TE) Indianapolis Colts
Allen makes the list after being mentioned in the article just last week. If you are an avid subscriber to this wonderful weekly wealth of fortune, then it should be noted that he is only the second tight end to emerge. Allen, by the end of the year, will be a must-start tight end in all leagues. Who is he? Well, he is the “back up” TE in Indy. However, his performance this year has been nothing of the sorts. The Andrew LuckCoby Fleener connection was a juicy idea to many fantasy owners including myself.  Yet Fleener has been absolutely irrelevant and disappointing to say the least. Allen is obviously the better NFL tight end and the Colts are taking note. In the past two weeks, Allen has 10 receptions for 131 yards. He catches over 75 percent of balls thrown in his direction. Allen will be the stronghold in Indianapolis. This offense is going to turn into a New Orleans style offense with Luck as the captain.  Get Allen before everybody realizes this.

Josh Morgan (WR) Washington Redskins
20 targets in the last two games. End of story. Read no further and pick him up. But seriously, Morgan is a great option especially in PPR leagues. With Fred Davis out, Robert Griffin III has started to look in other directions. He is really starting to favor Morgan just as much as Santana Moss. Morgan has had over 40 receiving yards in five of his nine games this year. Just take in all the facts and look to the future. The Redskins are not a strong team and will most likely be getting behind early and often. RGIII will constantly be in the shotgun looking to make plays and he will keep feeding Morgan the ball. Morgan looks good to end the season with some points.

Is it crazy to think that the regular season of fantasy is winding down? It seemed like only a week or two ago that Alfred Morris seemed like a risky but wise pick up. That was at the beginning of the season. Well it’s time to start looking ahead at playoff match ups and getting on that waiver wire often.  Everybody loves the slut at the party. Go out there and be it. Because remember, she always (ALWAYS) scores in the end. Stay thirsty my friends.

Coming Into Radar: Devin Hester, Jason Avant, Taiwan Jones



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