Depth Chart Digging: Week 11

What's That On Your Foot? An Ingram Toenail?
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Take a deep breath in and exhale before the next sentence. Ok, here it goes. There are only four weeks left in the fantasy regular season. You can do one of two things: do nothing and sit there dazed and confused in mid-December, or go into Drew Brees mode right now. I have thus officially changed all trademarks and copyrights of Beast Mode to “Brees Mode.”  It's not like the Mayor of the Superdome is putting up significantly better fantasy numbers, but the Saints are getting the dubs and getting them in a hurry.


Are the Saints a playoff team? Which borderline teams in your league will make the playoffs? These are all questions we would like the answer to. 


The NFL is a complicated, confusing, mysterious, yet enjoyable ride. And so is my… knowledge… guiding you to the fantasy playoffs. Buckle up sweetie, we're going for a ride.


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Laurent Robinson (WR) Jacksonville Jaguars

Robinson is the answer for the departure of Mike Thomas and this is the truth. There was never any thought of Justin Blackmon “taking over.” He is still wonderfully completing his role of putting his hands on the ball two or three times a game. However, in the past two weeks Robinson has 24 targets and nearly 120 yards. Owned in only 10% of Yahoo! leagues, this guy is probably even a stronger play than Cecil Shorts. I can't stress the priority that needs to be taken to snatch up Robinson before he actually gets in the end zone and starts putting up big numbers.


Mark Ingram (NO) New Orleans Saints

We're digging deep into the fish tank on this one with hopes of pulling out a fortune. Ingram has flourished when truly given a chance to be a running back. Now the term “feature back” seems to be a taboo word to the New Orleans coaching staff, but this is the best guy in their backfield. Of course, they have many mouths to feed, especially when Darren Sproles returns. Don't be confused by the mirage of touchdowns Chris Ivory has produced the past two weeks. Ingram is averaging over 4.5 yards per carry in the past two weeks. Sproles will be back soon, but if the Saints are smart, they will utilize Ingram the way he was meant to be used.


Dig, dig, dig. Now is not the time to get lazy on the waiver wire and let Greg Jennings gather dust in your attic. Get rid of him and be bold. Make a move that people will question now, but will be talking about later. Even if you are fortunate enough to be coasting towards a playoff berth, think about the playoffs. If you have a set of balls, give me your 12 teams and if you get it correct, Tom Brady has agreed to throw in a complimentary pair of UGGS. Stay thirsty my friends.


Coming Into Radar: Jerius Wright, Bernard Pierce, Jabar Gaffney


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