Depth Chart Digging: Week 12

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The annual Turkey Football marathon is upon us ladies and germs. Those three games all have a bit of intrigue associated with them. There will be fantasy points on every single team in every single league. And if you have players from the Patriots, Cowboys, or Texans, you might be halfway to the century mark by the time the turkey and pumpkin pie is digested.

There are some interesting injuries out there and you can only imagine they will continue as “Concussion Bowl” 2012 makes its way into December. I truly believe handcuffing your money players right now is without a doubt the best moves you can do if you have a solid grasp on getting into the playoffs. If you listen to Papa Matt, you will be in a situation to do so. 

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Harry Douglas (WR) Atlanta Falcons
Every week I go through my notes and stats and compile a list of about ten players I may possibly feature in this space. Douglas has been on the list nearly half of the time and I have decided to start showing this guy some love. The big thing here is that he will NEVER show you big love either. However, if you accept what he is does, you will NEVER be disappointed. Douglas is undoubtedly the fourth thought in the mind of Matt Ryan when he is looking to pass, but that role is not as bad as all of you may think. In four of the past five games, Douglas has been thrown to either five-to-seven times. He is a guy who will go out there and catch five balls for 45 yards on a consistent basis. In PPR leagues, that sounds like about seven points to me. Is that great? No, but he is available in a lot of deep leagues and could see a big boost in value if Julio Jones' ankle keeps him off the field.

Bryce Brown (RB) Philadelphia Eagles
Brown, regardless of whether LeSean McCoy misses any game time, is a great pickup and a solid man to have on your roster for the rest of the year. He has established himself as the one and only backup in the city of Brotherly Love. He averages 4.4 YPC and can also make plays out of the backfield. Reports are that he may be starting this week, but don't go add him just because of that. You want him even if McCoy starts. The Eagles are so horrible, that at any time this season if LeSean gets a little banged up they could shut him down for the remainder of the season. And when this happens, you will be the smart one when everybody sees Brown is on your bench. Just go get him and stop thinking about it.

Before you go eat all that turkey, just remember that it doesn't matter where you are when you get into the playoffs. This is fantasy football and you could have one shitty week. Just get there and you can beat anybody. Focus on getting their first and make sure you accomplish this before you go out thinking about playoff matches in Week 15 and 16. Stay thirst my friends.

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