Depth Chart Digging: Week 13

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The season is winding down faster and quicker than we realized. Many fantasy leagues have already started fantasy playoffs and at least half of the teams out there will be playing in consolation round match ups more pointless than this past week's Monday night game. Hopefully, digging into the depth charts and becoming a waiver wire slut has led you to the playoffs. Just like any NFL or indoor semi-professional lacrosse team, the one and only goal is to get to the playoffs, because anything can happen.


Seeing that this will be the final article of the season, I thought it would be wise to take a look back at how we have done this year.


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POSITIVE PICKS: Andre Roberts, Joique Bell, Brandon Stokley, Shaun Draughn

DUDS: Alfonso Smith, Steve Smith (STL), Jerome Simpson


As much as I truly wanted to take credit for Bryce Brown I can't do it. I only recently wrote about him, however, he was listed as being on-radar a couple times. Obviously I was stuck on Alfonso Smith from the get-go and was wrong. But, numbers and trends led to Andre Roberts being a solid flex option in deep leagues (especially when we wrote about him early in the season). It was great to see Joique Bell score for Detroit on Turkey Day. As we have mentioned numerous times, working the waiver wire is the way to go. Taking the leap each week and picking up one of our recommendations and dropping him by Friday afternoon is perfectly fine. In the process you just might trip over a starter-worthy performance of a Brandon Stokley or Dwayne Allen


This week, we are not throwing out any new names or bold pick-ups. Why? First of all, you should be doing it like robots by now. And second, we have drained every depth chart across this country. Close your eyes and name the five running backs Pittsburgh has used in their offense this year… yeah you can do it baby. Take these hints and go win a championship.


Ride Bryce Brown like Viggo Mortensen rode Hidalgo across the desert. LeSean McCoy may not be back. There is always one hot player that will drive your team to a 'ship. This da guy.


Teams that are out of playoff contention really like to put up big fantasy days. They have nothing to lose and start putting up mad fantasy points. Does it make sense? No. Do we love it? Hell yes. Just look into players from Jacksonville, Carolina and San Diego if you want a plethora of points.


Go get a back-up quarterback from a solid team to plug in on Week 17. Just think what Matt Flynn could have done for you in the championship game if you had thought about that. Well, first you need to get there, but that's beside the point.


My friends, all good things must come to an end. We will be back next season. Just like Boy Meets World has announced a new spin-off with the same actors, the powers that be at Sons of Roto have negotiated and successfully arranged a return of this article next fall. Therefore the two great things life has to offer will be in the grasps of your fingertips. As I bid adieu for the final time this season, take the wise words of Vince Lombardi as you move towards the fantasy playoffs, “Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.” Stay thirsty my friends.


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