Depth Chart Digging: Week Eight

Don’t Forsett About Me
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First off I would like to say that Andrew Luck should now be considered a running back in standard fantasy leagues. Now that the elephant is out of the room, we can progress with our fantasy football lives. Eli Manning gets shit done and not a single TE this year has been “great.” Frustration continues on the whole FFB frontier, but think to yourself guys… “If I have a sub-.500 record in all twelve of my fantasy leagues, maybe I’m actually not good at this thing.” Nope. It’s all Matthew Stafford‘s fault and he will “turn it around” (cue chuckles from the Seattle defense).

Bye weeks have arrived and reared their ugly face for all to see. Even Cam Newton‘s horrific post-game sweater attire cannot fight the plague that sweeps through the fantasy football world towards the conclusion of each and every October. The crucial bye weeks fall around the end of October and, to be honest, they are just like Halloween: an event we can obviously and clearly see in the future, yet something we choose to do nothing about. Do we go grab Jeremy Kerley in Week Three before he is snatched up by the masses so we can just have him on the bench for weeks like this? Do we try to go all out this year and go for a group costume that is sure-fired to get us all some pussy on the night of the hallow? Nope. We instead rely on the talents of washed up DeAngelo Williams and resort to throwing together the “I’ll-dress-like-a-Mormon” outfit for the fourth year in a row. Bye weeks are here, but pumpkin night still is over a week away. Things to do this week: Listen to Matt and go get your swag ready for the weekend. Here we go people!

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Justin Forsett (RB), Houston Texans
Ah, yes, the forgotten one. I swear I have heard his name somewhere. Forsett, the longtime backup in the great northwest has landed in Houston and has an intriguing role in the Texans scheme. Arian Foster is absolutely the best scorer in the league and in terms of sole number two backs, Ben Tate holds this crown as well. Therefore science will show that Forsett is the best number three option in the league. I can flood you with stats or we can think logic and apply it to our ever-shrinking cognitive absorbers. He gets between five and ten touches a game. And this number increases in games in which the Texans run away with it. The best team in the AFC will in fact be running away with games. Call it picking up a garbage point guy or call it picking up an intriguing part of one of the best teams in the league. God can only imagine how his stock will go up if only of the two of Foster/Tate went down.

Steve Smith (WR), St. Louis Rams
The NFC West seems to be full of intrigue right now. Today’s article also seems to be full of familiar names in not so familiar places. Since the untimely departure of Danny Amendola, the Rams have had a different leading receiver each game. Why not include Smith in a game down the road? Once an afterthought in the Rams offense, he has slipped into a third-receiver role in St. Louis. Nearly half of his season targets have been in the past two games, including six in the loss to the Big Cheese. Now the Rams are a decent team who don’t always rely on passing. But, when those poor match ups come up on the schedule and they need to air the ball out in the second quarter, Smith could have some days. We all remember how well he performed in New York. He just needs the same opportunity and situation at his new home.

Let’s just all remember here guys that even the 0-7 guy who still starts the Raven’s defense every week and insists that Cam Newton is still probably the best quarterback in the league is going out today and claiming Rashard Jennings. Go do it, yes. But don’t waste your time listening to this insight of sexy football knowledge and seductive fashion advice if you are not ready to better your lives. Stay thirsty my friends.

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