Depth Chart Digging: Week Five

Go Binns drinking
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And Booooooom goes the dynamite! That wasn’t the sound of Tony Romo coming back to earth, but instead the sudden outburst of fantasy points. They were plentiful this weekend. Garbage touchdowns galore (Brandon Lloyd and Dwayne Bowe) and points through the air we have been waiting for all season. The presence of Ed Hochuli’s massively mammoth musculated arms have direct correlation towards our boys chucking the ball down the field. Ryan Fitzpatrick saw the glare coming off those zebra-stripes and decided to go HAM all over New England (who cares about picks anyways, he has the most TDs in the NFL boys!).

All I can say is holy shit Andre Roberts! Did we really just see that performance he put down on Sunday in the desert? He was listed in the opening article of the season when he was a nobody. Fantasy owners had more interest in Chris Chambers (yes, he is still a non-retired free agent in case you are wondering) than Roberts. Oh my have the tables turned. Now he’s owned in nearly 20% of leagues.

Did we just mention the “gun show” in back-to-back posts? Yes. Are these articles helping you win mid-season fantasy matchups? Hell yes my friends. Just hop on board.

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Armon Binns (WR) Cincinnati Bengals
For some reason it seems nobody is talking about Cincy this season. They have the tenth best offense in the league and their air attack is eight best through four games. So why can’t anyone name a receiver on their team other than AJ Green? This is a mystery that is about to be solved. Trying to figure out the next best WR option for the Bengals is as difficult as a Level Seven Sudoku on a Sunday morning. Don’t worry though, I can tell you right now that Binns is the man to go with. He has seen five targets from Andy Dalton every week but one and is averaging over 13 yards-per-catch. And that low target week is when he notched his touchdown. The rookie has more upside down the line compared to Andrew Hawkins. Before this past week, Binns caught 13 of 14 passes thrown his way. Dalton is finding a security blanket here. Cincy will hang around this year and it’s worth being sneaky and getting him now for a possible flex situation when he emerges in the latter half of the season.

Alfonso Smith (RB) Arizona Cardinals
We’re digging pretty damn deep into the well with this one. There were many notable performances on Sunday that we could have focussed on. Instead, we land in the desert yet again with what could be the most intriguing situation of recent fantasy memory. The fact is Beanie Wells will not return this year.  Can Ryan Williams guide the Cards to the promise land? Maybe so. However, Smith was signed right after Wells’ injury was announced and they are ready to bring him in. He is an Cardinals veteran from the past couple years and he knows the playbook better than any back they have. At the very least, he is going to back up Williams at the beginning and if Williams is unable to produce, it is clear the Cards have a Plan B ready. I absolutely love this pick-up if you can find someone on your roster to drop. Smith could be a starting running back by the time the playoff push comes around. Imagine it now: Alfonso Smith and the upstart Arizona Cardinals are headed to the NFL Postseason!

Just go out and do it. Be the waiver-wire slut of your league. Go claim somebody and then temporarily drop a kicker and figure the situation out Friday night. The more moves you make, the more chance of you making the pick-up of the season. Believe me gentlemen the pick-up of the season is not Jackie Battle or Brandon Bolden. Go get the unknown guys with upside! Stay thirsty my friends.

Coming Into Radar: Travis Benjamin, Bryce Brown, Ronnie Hillman



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