Depth Chart Digging: Week Four

CJ2K + 33 Carries = 45 Yards
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Lessons of Week Three in the NFL: Always, always start your big boys and start listening to Papa Matt. The chance has long passed for you to grab shotgun onboard the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon. If you don’t jump on this bus now, you will find yourself as the irrelevant hostage in the back of the bus while Sandra Bullock drives us to victory baby! Sure, Kevin Kolb ain’t no Keanu Reeves, but he can sure play quarterback this season.

Fantasy glory has returned to Maurice Jones-Drew, Jamaal Charles and Larry Fitzgerald. And thank god, because we didn’t truly want to put them in the dungeon that Chris Johnson has kept solely to himself for over a year now. Johnson has eroded into the lowliest, subpar level that can be imagined by an athlete. It is a joke and I would be shocked to see the Allen Wranglers even throwing him a bone when his contract expires.

If we talk about the Cards, we have to throw in the holy-men from the Big Easy. I’m shocked. Shocked at how horrible their defense is. An Ed Hochuli sighting is more likely then a Saints win right now. But as much as we get ticked off about our teams, we know that our real money and effort is put into making sure Ryan Succop notched that last field goal to give us a 1.03 point win.

We told you about the Arizona Cardinals. Did you listen? No. We told you about Brandon Stokley. Did you listen? No, you laughed. Listen up everybody, here comes the truth.

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Joique Bell (RB), Detroit Lions
There is no doubting the Lions faithful have been waiting, pleading and praying for the long-awaited debut of Mikel Leshoure. And the man produced: the first running back in Detroit to touch 100 yards on the ground since Week Five of last year. Did we just hear that? Yes. This is a reason Detroit is not the top-tiered team everybody keeps trying to convince themselves they are. The old washed up Kevin Smith was shown the door when Leshoure took stage. He saw playing time but did not record a single touch or look. However, Joique Bell continues to gain more attention. He becomes an even stronger back-up/sleeper if Leshoure blossoms. In the last two weeks he has touched the ball eight and nine times. Bell is in line to be a solid third-down running back and may get occasional goal line carries. Plus, Leshoure has an injury-history and one rough landing could put Bell on center stage. Remember people, we are looking deep here. But this is a legit NFL backup and nobody even knows he exists.

Bilal Powell (RB), New York Jets
Powell was on the radar last week if you can remember. Let’s go over the facts with this man:

1) He is nearly 1.5 yards-per-carry better then Shonn Greene.

2) He is the best running back on the Jets roster.

3) He has the best first name in the league.

Powell is legit. The New York Jets are a better team when he is on the field and I believe Sexy Rexy is starting to see a trend. He touched the ball twelve times in the heroic win over Miami Sunday, compared to Greene’s 21. Smells like in a couple weeks we may officially have a RB by committee situation. Powell is owned in only five percent of Yahoo leagues. Why and how? Powell is simply a good running back and his day to shine will be sooner then later.

That’s it! I made it through the whole entire article without one mention of the Packers-Seahwaks reality television entertainment from Monday night. Whatever you may think about that game and the whole referee situation in general, just remember that Steven Hauschka ruined dreams of perfection in leagues all over the world Monday night. He is the real person to hate. Stay thirsty my friends.

Coming Into Radar: Emmanuel Sanders, Rod Streater, Ronnie Hillman


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