Depth Chart Digging: Week Seven

Even Pinocchio loves Woodhead
Photo Credit: Jack Newton

December 21st, 2012. The day the world will end. False. It could very well be sometime this coming week if the cities of San Diego and Philadelphia unite. Hell froze over for Phillip Rivers on Monday night. The NFL seems to be a crazy, mixed up, confusing, but ultimately satisfying orgasm of sports for a five month period.

We are getting closer and closer to the half way portion of the season and we are getting further and further from figuring anything relevant out about football. Has the Discount Double Check woken up the boys and will they lose again this season? Is Robert Griffin III this year’s Cam Newton? Is Atlanta the worst 6-0 team in the league’s history? Where oh where does Stuart Scott shop for his ties?

If your a frequent visitor to Depth Chart Digging, you can damn well admit that we have dished out some solid advice this year (see: Joique Bell, Shaun Draughn, Brandon Stokley and Andre Roberts). Each week may not throw out gems, but stay consistent and ride this horse all season and you will win championships. Follow me!

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Cedric Peerman (RB), Cincinnati Bengals
Don’t you dare go getting caught up with picking up the backups in Cleveland and Dallas for a one week spot start. That is just wasting time. Dive deep into those waiver wires and look at this young Cavalier (yes he played at Virginia). Peerman moved into fantasy relevance after the unfortunate injury to Bernard Scott. Everybody could identify Scott as the backup to the Law Firm. But not a soul (not even Matthew Berry) had a clue about this cat. Peerman can play. Peerman can catch the ball out of the backfield. He is a faster and more energetic threat then BenJarvus Green-Ellis. It is a great compliment to the ground game in Cincy. He will get ten touches a game. What if he starts scoring too?

Danny Woodhead (RB), New England Patriots
Remember the purpose of this article. Danny Woodhead is unquestionably a familiar name. However, he is the “third string” half back in New England and nobody shows him any fantasy love. In only one of his six games this year has Woodhead touched the ball less then six times. He is getting the looks; some out of the backfield and some from the slot. He is the definition of a utility player. He is a better start then Brandon Bolden and frankly, if Steven Ridley was not finding the end zone, I would take Woodhead all day. I love PPR leagues. PPR owners will love Woodhead. The boys of Foxboro will start relying on the ole’ steady short man as the season progresses. Just do yourself a favor and snag him now.

Is there such thing as a clutch fantasy football performance? No. However, there is such a thing as a clutch fantasy football pick up. The right guy at the right time is more clutch then even Raul Ibanez on a chilly fall night in the Bronx. Obviously nobody can rise to the clutch performance and absolute perfection Phillip Rivers delivered in the second half Monday night. But, we can always hope to come close. Drink up and stay thirsty my friends.

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