Depth Chart Digging: Week Six

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Even if you own the waiver-wire, there is little to do for having a weak draft.  I’m sick of struggling in leagues and praying for a sudden epiphany-ridden performance by a third string receiver playing against the Bills D. Who, by the way, were absolutely embarrassed by Alex Smith. Buffalo’s defense is like my roommate’s sister: go deep early and often, and you can score at ease whenever you want.

Seeing the Big Cheese off to a 2-3 start brings a smile to my face. Not a Yankees-losing-in-the-playoffs full grin, but a smile nonetheless. They are not great.  Are they good? Sure. Who isn’t? You could make a case that Brandon Weeden and the DogPound could keep up with the Pack right now. I’m not buying too much into their fantasy value either. Discount Double Check is not exploding into double digits at the ease Ryan Fitzpatrick is. Still roll with him, but beware of any other player. By the way, whoever can name the pizza shop Alex Green (Green Bay’s Week Six starting RB) worked at two weeks ago wins a pair of Herm Edwards’ sexy, sultry socks.

Everybody get to your phones, e-mail and carrier pigeons. Hunt down the beat-writer for the Arizona Cardinals and tell him to start reading these articles if he wants to succeed in life. Not only did we buy into the Cardinals early, we also suggested Alfonso Smith. If you picked him up last week you could be staring down the single greatest pick-up this season will have to offer. Get him now if you still got the chance. But more importantly, do everything and anything I am about to say without even thinking.

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James Casey (TE) Houston Texans
And it’s official.  We have a tight-end sighting. Mr. Casey is not only the best option of the week, but also a good way to bust our TE cherry here on Depth Chart Digging. I really want to mention I hate the idea of a “back-up TE.” Many formations have two of them anyways. Casey is a big part of Houston’s offense and nobody wants to admit it. He is in the game often and had three receptions or more in four straight games. He catches over 75 percent of balls thrown his way. I like this combination. Owen Daniels is obviously the main TE in Houston and that’s fine. However, with a defense invested in Andre Johnson and an absolutely irrelevant Kevin Walter, Casey is a good option in PPR leagues if you need to go deep.

Jerome Simpson (WR) Minnesota Vikings
If you’re a stats-junkie, then you would be absolutely confused about why a man with zero receptions in Week Five made this list. Well, Simpson is an interesting look and I think his poor effort against Tennessee is a fortune in disguise: the opportunity to go get him before he truly emerges. He has only been playing for two weeks and has eight targets over the pair. Obviously, nobody is stealing the Percy Harvin show in Minnesota. But as the Viking’s will continue to play with a purpose, Harvin will draw a great deal of attention. And do not forget about Kyle Rudolph. These are two solid fantasy players this year who will soon be drawing nearly 99.99% of all the pass-defense attention. Simpson will slide into a nice spot in Minnesota where the results could be nice when Ponder looks his way.

Make the right moves and start figuring out those bye weeks now. Stay thirsty my friends.

Coming Into Radar: Colin Kaepernick, Mike Thomas, James Starks



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