Depth Chart Digging: Week Two

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Two weeks in the books means we’re starting to figure out some trends out and getting our questions answered. It’s nice and calm. We are settling into our every-week roster. Even our kicker is a solid weapon. WRONG.

Fantasy sucks because our questions can never be answered. Asking yourself if and when will Larry Fitzgerald awake from his slumber is not the correct path. Questioning whether Jamaal Charles could blow the football further then the amount of rushing yards he put up on Sunday? It is not the move. The fact is, your damn well starting these boys next week. Hell, everybody who had Chris Johnson last year still convinced themselves to put Mr. Holdout in their roster on every given Sunday.

The frustration of screaming at the television, throwing pillows at the wall, and waking up angry Monday morning is a common trend that can easily be remedied with a steady dose of being an active fantasy owner who looks at trends and stats. Go create answers to problems and stop asking questions.

I have to apologize. This article would have made press earlier folks, but I was too busy picking up Kevin Kolb and buckling my seatbelt on the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon (editor’s/Starbonell’s note: I also aided in the delay of posting, but instead of dudes named Kevin, I was picking up females named Chastitty).

Listen up people, there’s more after the jump:

Shaun Draughn (RB), Kansas City Chiefs
Yes, it is true. There is another running back who hails in the depths of Kansas City’s lackluster offense. Have you heard of him? Probably not. Have opposing defenses heard of him? Probably not. Draughn is (and always will be) a name that everybody overlooks in KC. We were all to blinded by the “speed” of Charles and the “power” of Peyton Hillis. These boys are showing nothing this year and are leaving fantasy owners in bewilderment. However, nobody owns Draughn. Nobody owns him and his team-leading fantasy production (120 all-purpose yards in two games). He has a 7.7 YPC and has even seen the end zone. Draughn saw an expanded role Sunday against Buffalo. Unfortunately, Kansas City is using a committee at running back. Draughn, as of now, has produced the most and is the Chiefs RB with the most upside.

Brandon Stokley (WR), Denver Broncos
Everybody knows Stokley. Everybody probably knows that he is reunited with the great Peyton Manning. But, what they don’t know is that he will produce this year. He is there for more then just making Manning not feel so old. Stokley has established himself as the number three option in Denver. Stokley saw six targets on Monday night. His five catches this year include two of the best “hands” catches this season has offered. Stokley is not a threat to go deep, but he is a threat to put up double digit fantasy points consistently by mid-season when Manning and the Donkeys really start clicking. Manning will spread the ball around, but Stokley will get his.

Everybody is jumping on Andre Brown this week like we-know-who in Dallas last week. I concede that I claimed Brown in one of my leagues because I had first priority. Otherwise don’t waste the time. It is an obvious pick and he will probably have a short run at being fantasy relevant. Looking at the whole picture and not the weekly waiver wire whores is best. Stay thirsty my friends.

Coming Into Radar: Jason Avant, Lamar Miller, Bilal Powell



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