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Death, taxes and injured fantasy stars – these are some of life’s certainties.  


Make no mistake about it, injuries WILL play a major role in fantasy football this year, and the more you know, the better your odds are of hoisting that virtual trophy. That’s where I come in. It’s time for the 2013 Don’s Do-Not-Trust List © (DDNTL): Fantasy Football Draft Edition. As a licensed and practicing physical therapist with years of experience treating a wide spectrum of sports related injuries (and a fantasy obsessed lunatic like the rest of you), I have the skills to steer you in the right direction. 


I’ll be discussing a number of players with injury concerns and whether or not I “trust” them to provide draft day value. To be clear: just because a player makes my list does not necessarily mean he’s not worth drafting; in fact, in some cases you can get great discounts if you pick your spots carefully. Any ADP data is courtesy of MockDraftCentral.com.  While I’ll be covering a lot of players here, if there’s anyone I missed that you want to hear about, feel free to leave a comment or email me at donnypump@hotmail.com and I’ll help a brother (or sister) out. 


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Danny Amendola missed time last season with two injuries, a dislocated clavicle and a bruised heel. By all accounts, he enters camp healthy and ready to take over Wes Welker’s slot role in the New England offense. Amendola has the reputation of being an injury-prone player, and there’s a reason for that: he’s been hurt a lot the last couple years. In 2011, he missed time with a dislocated elbow. Last season’s clavicle dislocation nearly killed him as his collarbone popped out of joint at the sternum and was pushed inward, nearly severing his aorta. Now as the most polished receiver on the Patriots roster, he would seem poised for a big year, but can we trust him to stay on the field and capitalize on this opportunity?


My answer might surprise you, but I’m trusting Danny Amendola this season. If you look at his injury history, the majority of them are “fluky” injuries that are not recurring and rarely have any lasting effects once healed. It’s extremely rare to dislocate the sternoclavicular (SC) joint, let alone have it dislocate inward towards the body. A dislocated elbow, while ugly, doesn’t happen often either and generally heals up well with little-to-no lasting effects. Amendola is just three years removed (2010) from playing a full season and leading the NFL in all-purpose yardage with the Rams. He has consistently produced at a high level when on the field. Moving to a Patriots system with a Hall of Fame QB, little competition for looks, and an offense that appears tailor-made for his skills, I expect big things out of Amendola. He’s not without risk, particularly with his small stature and hard-nosed style of play, but we’ve seen Welker dominate games in this role and Amendola is widely considered a younger version of Welker.  With an ADP of 47.48 as the 18th WR off the board, he has the upside of a WR1 if he stays on the field, and I think he’s worth investing in. 


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