Don’t Sleep: Week 16

Sign of the Apocalypse: Rex Grossman leading teams to titles
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It is championship week in fantasy football, and if you have already made it to the championship you probably will not need to pick up and play anyone this week. However, I am still laying out some suggestions to play as injury fill-ins or if you just want to play someone with a great matchup. Like Starbonell, I am also looking ahead to the fantasy basketball season. For those of you that are interested, “Don’t Sleep” will be continuing into the NBA season and I will be giving you weekly waiver adds for fantasy hoops. Enough of that though. Let’s get into my final football waiver adds of the season. More after the jump:

Quarterbacks for Week 16
Kyle Orton (KC) 15 percent owned: Orton is coming off a game in which he defeated the “unbeatable” Green Bay Packers and had a 104 passer rating. He is fighting to raise his free agent stock and prove that he can be a starter in this league, so he should play very well against the Raiders this week. Romeo Crennel is also doing anything he can to win these last two games to try to lock up the Kansas City head coaching job for next season. Right now, his best option is to use his receiving weapons and sling that rock all around the field. 300 yards and a couple TDs is easily achievable this weekend for Orton.

Rex Grossman (WAS) 15 percent owned: “Sexy Rexy” has the best matchup he could hope for this week. The Minnesota Vikings are absolutely pathetic against the pass this season, so any team that is trying to win will throw the ball against them repeatedly. Mike Shanahan has shown a willingness to throw the ball a ton when he has a good matchup (see the Patriots game) and he should have no problem doing it again this week. It usually isn’t smart to bet on Rex to be a reliable quarterback at any time, but I see him as a top-ten signal-caller this week.

Running Backs for Week 16
Khalil Bell (CHI) 25 percent owned: Unlike last week, when I didn’t have any running backs to suggest picking up and starting in the playoffs, there is actually a great option in free agency that many of you SHOULD pick up and start this week, even though it is the championship. I cannot believe that Bell has made it through waivers this week and is still only owned in 25 percent of ESPN leagues. Last week against the Seahawks, Bell was clearly this number one option in the run game over Marion Barber. Bell should be owned in all leagues and is a good bet for at least 80 yards and a touchdown this week against the Packers.

Wide Receivers for Week 16
Demaryius Thomas (DEN) 40 percent owned: “Don’t Sleep” is usually only for players that are owned in less than 30 percent of ESPN leagues, but I don’t see anyone available in 70 percent of leagues that I would ever consider playing in a championship matchup. Therefore, I am going to suggest adding and starting Demaryius Thomas. I am amazed that he is still available in 60 percent of leagues. Against the Bills defense, Thomas could actually be one of the top 15 receivers in the championship week of fantasy football.

Tight Ends for Week 16
Jared Cook (TENN) 8 percent owned: Jared Cook has been about as unpredictable as anyone this season, but if you were going to take a hit or miss shot on anyone I would take it on Cook. He is breaking out at the right time and is coming off a game in which he had nine catches for over 100 yards. It is anyone’s guess if he can do it again next week, but I am thinking he will. If you have a shitty tight end situation, I would take a look at him.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading this weekly piece all season. This is my first year writing for SoR, and I hope to continue long into the future. Please leave comments for me in here or hit me up on Twitter @JessePotes. Also, please come back during the basketball season to find your hot waiver adds in “Don’t Sleep: Basketball.” I look forward to hearing what you have to say and I would love to give sit/start advice for your fantasy championship.


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