Early QB Ranks

An early look into the quarterbacks who can throw a pigskin a quarter mile. To the tiers! The grouping of similarly valued players helps us label a drop off in player value. If I had 99 problems making these rankings, choosing between Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees wouldn’t be one. For me, that is a waste of time. Instead I asked myself (since I’m the smartest guy I know) better and more interesting questions. We’ll get into these inquiries as we move along, but first, I want to ask any of you if you have come across any kind of time travel stuff on cyberspace? Ohhh, man I wish I could go back in time. I’d take state.

Tier 1 Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees

Tier 2 Peyton Manning

Tier 3 Matt Schaub, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Phillip Rivers

Schaub or Romo? Romo or Schaub? I’ll give you a different answer every day. I worry about the Vincent Jackson holdout and Antonio Gates’ issues with a sore foot. Stand back, I have the power to demote Phillip Rivers to Tier 4 and I’m not afraid to use it.

Tier 4 Eli Manning, Kevin Kolb, Joe Flacco

Can the Eagles make a smooth transition from McNabb to Kolb? I’m betting on it. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy make for a great supporting cast in a pass happy scheme. How much difference can Anquan Boldin and Jim Zorn make for Joe Flacco?

Tier 5 Donovan McNabb, Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer, Matt Ryan

Donovan may have dropped in value with the trade to Washington, but he is still a good QB who has made plays with less. The upgraded offensive line and Mike Shanahan provide some hope. Can Mike Martz work his magic with the Bears personnel? Do they have the route runners? We know the sacks are coming, how many interceptions do you think Cutler will throw? What can we expect from Carson Palmer and the Bengals after they acquired Antonio Bryant and drafted Jordan Shipley and Jermaine Gresham? Will Matt Ryan prove his fan boys true and breakout from his overrated label (I slapped that on him).

Tier 6 Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger

Do you believe the baby faced Stafford can live up to the hype? Big Ben’s suspension runs four to six weeks and he will need a few more to get back into the swing of things. Are you crazy and already thinking about the fantasy playoffs? I’m a pretty confident guy, but I don’t think I have the intestinal fortitude to stash-a-berger.

Tier 7 Matt Cassel, Alex Smith, Jason Campbell, Chad Henne, Matt Moore

Cassel will be working in a Charlie Weis offense this season. D.Bowe, Chris Chambers and the half-pint brawler, Dexter McCluster, give Cassel enough weapons to make him an interesting selection.  Jason Campbell in Oakland can’t be that much worse than Jason Campbell in Washington, right? If I set the over/under for Chad Henne’s season at “2009 Kyle Orton” (3800 yd, 21 TD), would you take the over or under? Did anyone notice Matt Moore threw 8 TD and 0 INT over the final four games?

Tier 8 Kyle Orton, David Garrard, Mark Sanchez, Vince Young

Can Kyle Orton keep from being the scapegoat for Josh McDaniels? The city of Denver is Marshall-less and the three cults following the bearded one, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow are likely to clash. I proved you can win a championship with David Garrard at QB. It is possible. The Jets have gathered up a lot of weapons for Mark Sanchez. There is potential for this offense to score a lot of points. Can Mark Sanchez realize that potential? Will Vince Young be suspended? Did he really score a 6 on his Wonderlic intelligence test? Why are all the players calling Kenny Britt, “Question Mark” and why do I find that so funny?

Tier 9 Matt Leinart, Josh Freeman, Matt Hasselbeck

Will Leinart be the starting QB at the end of the season? Can we hope for much from a young QB and a couple of rookie WR in Tampa Bay? Do we want a bald, injury prone QB that threw for 4 TD and 10 INT in the final four games of last season?

Tier 10 Trent Edwards, Sam Bradford, Jake Delhomme

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