Fantasy Foolsball Notes

The Sleeper Podcast with Brad Evans has been pushed back to Wednesday, that’s not set in stone either. Brad and BFun will be hosting a fantasy football camp in Portland today (note the poser doing the tough guy stance for the pic). A fantasy football camp hosted by those two and sponsored by a beer company sounds like fun. After the jump you can find updated rankings, draft results/notes from an 18 team auction draft that went down last night.

I used these ranks for yesterday’s PPR draft







The following is my team from an 18 team auction draft (PPR) that went down last night. Yes, Matt Moore is my QB. Just pretend you don’t see Charlie Whitehurst and remember: in an 18 team league, if this were a snake draft, some people wouldn’t have had the opportunity to draft Frank Gore, Rashard Mendenhall or Randy Moss.

Draft Notes

The draft budgets were pushed up to $250 and the top players experienced inflation.

We start two WR, two RB and a Flex

Once again, Maurice Jones Drew was the most expensive player ($80). When Adrian Peterson ($75), Chris Johnson ($73) and Ray Rice ($73) are no longer in the player pool, people get jealous/desperate and MJD’s price begins to sky rocket. This is how auctions work and why you cannot simply look at prices and pretend you could have pieced together a perfect team. Hindsight is worthless when it comes to auction drafts.

I wanted to purchase three top RB, but once I blew through $136 on Goro and Mendies, I knew I couldn’t afford another top RB. Instead, I grabbed Randy Moss at $49. I love Raymo; he is working harder than ever, is in a contract season and was the 6th most productive RB/WR in this set up last year. However, I can’t help myself from thinking that I would have been better off spreading that money around. I do not regret that purchase at all, but I do wish I had some money to spend on a second QB (or a better QB) and a better WR2.


I’ve already received a trade offer: I give up Randy Moss for Brett Favre. Lovely.

I was forced to draft Vernon Davis last year in an 18 team league, this time it’s Dustin Keller. Rex Ryan said we should be drafting him for our fantasy teams… or maybe he said we should fucking draft him for our fucking teams. I don’t expect a lot of yardage, but the TDs will be there. I grabbed Aaron Hernandez for good measure. Some of that Hernandez pick has to do with him being a preseason darling and some of it had to do with cock blocking a couple managers who didn’t have a TE yet.

Percy Harvin went for $15. That’s a scary buy in a deep league. I really don’t have any faith in him playing this season. If he collapses and gets rushed to the hospital during practice, how can he play in games? Sounds like the Vikes will sign Javon Walker.

My love affair with Darrius Heyward-Bey continues. Louis Murphy sustained a concussion, Chaz Schilens can’t make it on the field I don’t see any reason to not love $1 DHB purchases.

Ouch! Carson Palmer $24 (as a backup QB), Beanie Wells $50, Knowson Moreno $43, Joseph Addai $42, Brandon Jacobs $23, Chester Taylor $8, Steve Slaton $16, Larry Fitzgerald $43, Santonio Holmes $18, Terrell Owens $21, Braylon Edwards $13, Steve Breaston $10

Nice! Jay Cutler $14, Tony Gonzalez $12, Cedric Benson $35, Arian Foster $27, Michael Bush $22, Montario Hardesty $16, Thomas Jones $9, Reggie Bush $13, Dexter McCluster $4, Leon Washington $5, Julius Jones $4, Hakeem Nicks $16!, Santana Moss $14, Dez Bryant $10, Jabar Gaffney $3!, Jacoby Jones $3