Fantasy Football: Sleepers

Malcom “Pretty Boy” Floyd is ready to do work
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Well, its about that time of year, when you start the shit-talking with your fellow GM’s and try to devise some method to the madness that will be your draft strategy. Fortunately, you came here for the hottest, most sexy advice your computer could give you. Good luck getting such balls-out sleeper advice from SIRI. I’m a human, and I am smarter than SIRI. Here is a little gift from me to you, in the form of fantasy sleepers. If you choose to accept my gifts, good, you’ll be successful. If you wish to skip on my highly-touted offerings, then I hope you make a run at the #1 pick next year.

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Jay Cutler– He doesn’t fit everybody’s definition of a “sleeper,” but people are always skeptical about him. Last time he was with Brandon Marshall, he put up career numbers, and he has one of the most dynamic half backs right behind him. If you stack up on RBs and WRs, Jay can be a solid starting fantasy QB. NFC north games are always shootouts.

Josh Freeman– A great young talent looking to have a bounce back year. Add Vincent Jackson, Dallas Clark, rookie RB Doug Martin, Freeman shedding 20 pounds, and a schedule that doesn’t seem all that tough, and I can see him getting back on track this season.

Jake Locker- If he wins the starting job from Matt Hasselbeck, which he very easily can do, then he may be one of the best sleepers of the year. He has never started an NFL game, but in the very little time he played last year, he was very effective. Five total touchdowns with no turnovers is a nice number for a rookie backup. If Locker gets the start, and Kenny Britt stays out of trouble, then I feel he has the ability to turn some heads.

James Starks- He is the primary back in Green Bay this year, so his amount of touches should double. Having Aaron Rodgers as your QB really helps open up the run game also. I don’t think he’ll get many touchdowns (John Kuhn will probably be their goal-line back), but he should put up around 1,000-1,200 total yards.

Roy Helu- More like Roy Helluvah good chance he’ll make some noise in 2012. As of now, Tim Hightower is still considered Washington’s starter, but that might not be the case for the entire season. As a rookie, Helu had 640 yards rushing, and 379 yards receiving. Adding Robert Griffin III will only help open up the running game. Mike Shanahan has desperately been searching for a running back he loves, and he may have found it in Helu.

David Wilson- With the big man Brandon Jacobs moving onto San Fran, the Giants backup RB spot is up for grabs, and everyone at camp has been impressed with Wilson so far. He is extremely quick, and has the ability to make some dynamic plays. Ahmad Bradshaw has never been a full-time starter, so Wilson won’t be a full-time backup. They will likely split a ratio of 60:40 in favor of Bradshaw, but you may want to keep him in mind during the late rounds of your draft.

Malcom Floyd- Floyd has big play ability. He also doesn’t have Vincent Jackson stealing any of his spotlight anymore. In his last four games, Floyd had 347 yards and three touchdowns. Phllip Rivers will put up numbers and throw plenty of touchdowns. Robert Meachem will most likely be the top WR in San Diego, but that shouldn’t make you overlook Malcom.

Eric Decker- Last year he had 600+ yards and eight touchdowns. His quarterback was Tim Tebow.



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