Fantasy Guru Mock Draft

On Thursday night, I participated in a mock draft for Unfortunately, the full results and review are not available for the public eye. The full results are not important, because I won the mock draft and my team is all the results you need to see. I was drafting from the 9 spot and my first decision was choosing between Ryan Mathews and Rashard Mendenhall.

Details: 14 teams, PPR, positions: QB, WR(2), RB(2), TE, FLEX, K, DEF, BN(7)

1.9 Ryan Mathews
2.20 LeSean McCoy
3.37 Matt Forte
4.48 Steve Smith (Car)
5.65 Brent Celek
6.76 Santana Moss
7.93 Mike Wallace
8.104 Carnell Williams
9.121 Carson Palmer
10.132 Donovan McNabb
11.149 Jabar Gaffney
12.160 Baltimore DEF/ST
13.177 Lance Moore
14.188 James Jones
15.205 Kevin Faulk
16.216 Ryan Longwell

Overall, I like the team. I could have waited at TE like I waited at the QB position, but there weren’t many tasty options to choose from. Houshmandzadeh was sitting there. Meh. I almost went Brett Favre over Santana Moss, but I didn’t want to wait until pick 93 to select my WR2. Instead of grabbing Favre, I chose to wait out the position. The last QB chosen before Carson Palmer was Eli Manning at No.90. I was able to wait two full rounds (31 picks) before I took the next best QB, because I was the 14th team to select a QB. This enabled me to stock up the bench (Carnell Williams and Mike Wallace). In a 14 team league, having Cadillac on the bench as a RB4 is a luxury most cannot afford. I grabbed McNabb as my third bench player and second QB. I can play match ups or the hot hand and I’m buying insurance at the position. Moss is a question mark, but if he falters, I think I would find an adequate replacement from my bench WR (Wallace, Gaffney, Moore or Jones). I like the mixture of talent and depth, this one would be playoff bound… if mock draft had playoffs.