“Pai Mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?”

nope, he taught MDS the FavreFingrDeathPunch. Now I didn’t get to draft Brett Favre, he wasn’t available in the last round; but maybe in time, my team can be called the Five Point Palmer-Exploding Elbow Technique. Either way, I think my team is ready to bust some kung foolery on some unsuspecting Moe Foes. This is from the infamous MDS vs MOE 14 team ppr league that includes some great hand selected competition. As you can see, MDS likes the wait-n-see approach with kickers. I can drop Hillis or Stokely when we’re closer to week 1. So with that in mind…

would you please “Rate My Team” on a scale from 1-10? ……… NOT!!!!