First Down!

Few thoughts from the NFL season teaser:

The Brett Favre interception should have been a first down. Pass interference (obvious) by Vilma. My psychic powers tell me Favre would have thrown a long TD on the next play. We might as well start up the stat correction petition. Sign your name in the comments.

Bernard Berrian is awful. I drafted him in one league, under the assumption that his value went up with the Sidney Rice injury. Immediately, I had buyer’s remorse and put him on the trade block. The only offer I received was a one-for-one deal involving Brian Westbrook. Berrian proved he didn’t need any targets to drop the ball, as he muffed a punt. BB ended up with one catch for three yards. I hate him.

Greg Camarillo didn’t get onto the field until the fourth quarter, which was a shame. He looks like he could develop some chemistry with Favre and become a go-to-guy for ole Greybeard. Camarillo seems to catch everything thrown his way and has a chance to become the White Donald Driver. He could take over the punt return role too, giving him a slight bump in value.

I missed Adrian Peterson. It was a long off season.

Did Brett Favre really need training camp? All the time in the world won’t get Brett and BB on the same page, he was instantly locked onto Shiancoe (4-76-1), Percy wasn’t practicing much and Camarillo didn’t join the team until August 25th. Maybe Brett could have brought along a few Hattiesburg high school students to camp? Maybe the guys from the Wranglers commercial?

It’s a shame Darren Sharper wasn’t playing (PUP). I would have loved to see him get trucked, stiff armed and ran over by AD. Sharper is also good for one or two huge plays so Favre probably would have had three TD if we count the Vilma play as a TD and add another. I’m looking for a fourth TD for Favre… where is it coming from?

Watching the opening series, I was wondering if the Saints would score 30 or 40 points. They looked unstoppable.

Jermon Bushrod (and a couple other Saints) did a pretty good job against Jared Allen.

For the first 15 minutes of the game, Twitter was blowing up over the misuse of Pierre Thomas (one carry for negative two yards). It was all fun and games until he racked up 86 yards and scored a TD. As long as P.T. gets the majority of the goal line carries, he’ll be more than fine.

It’s no surprise to see Brees spread the ball around, so even though the passing game is elite, we can only rely on Marques Colston on a week-to-week basis. Meachem, Henderson and Moore are going to eat away at each others stats.

Devery Henderson: Sell High Medium

Percy Harvin Buy Low Medium

Greg Camarillo: Buy Low in PPR leagues.

Targets (from @PFF_MikeClay)

Shiancoe 7, Harvin 5, Peterson/Berrian 3, Camarillo/Lewis/Young/Kleinsasser 2, Dugan 1.

Colston/Bush 6, Henderson/Meachem/Moore/D Thomas 4 , Shockey/P Thomas 3 . Evans 1