Football is Done!!!!

what a year it was…. here are some random thoughts….

I was completely wrong about Darren McFadden. What a bum. Sweet dreams of Adrian Peterson lite quickly turned into nightmares. Is he really that bad or is Al Davis holding him down like he did Randy Moss? Next year, DMC will be avoided, but maybe I’ll dabble in the Michael Bush market. F’in Raiders

Speaking of players I now hate, Eddie Royal is dead to me. He gets my vote for Most Hated fantasy draft pick. Felix Jones and DMC were the runners up, but Eddie took the cake. I wasted numerous PPR picks on this guy. Where did my easy 90-100 receptions go? Was it the coaching or the QB change? both? or does Eddie just suck Michael Clayton style?

does anyone else regret not taking a shot on Wes Welker or Brandon Marshall? We’re talking about 3rd rd picks with question marks to open the season tho…

I’m glad I avoided Michael Turner, Brandon Jacobs, TO, Antonio Bryant, Roy Williams like the plague. I wasn’t going to avoid Barber so much, but I would’ve looked to deal him by asap if I had drafted him. Same thing with Ronnie Brown. Deal em before they break down.

Who was the best FA WR pick up? Sidney Rice, Mike Sims-Walker or Miles Austin? I didn’t have any of em on my teams, even tho I was talking up Rice to ppl before the season… Austin had the best season, but can he do all that again? 421 yds in two games? pfffff, I’m not paying for that.

Next year, are you taking Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson? Talk about a nice problem to have. I won’t even bother thinking about this until I’m staring at the #1 pick 30 minutes before a draft. It’s like trying to rank the top 3 QBs, I’m not getting one of em so fuck it, who cares. Drew Bees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning can enjoy losing to David Garrard and the rest of my boys. But I might lean toward Chris… errr Adrian… I dunno yet lol

It’ll be interesting to see Jamal Charles’ ADP next year…. It’d be nice to see KC draft a few offensive linemen…

Thankfully I did reach for Ray Rice in one league. His ADP was rising each day we got closer to the season. If you drafted him in rd 7, your league sucks and you need to find some better competition. I was hyped up, but it was a complete guessing game to where he would be picked. Most leagues I played, he was gone by rd 4 or earlier. Man it was fun looking at him and MJD in my lineup.

It’ll be fun to see a few ppl overdraft Vince Young next year…

For all the shit Pierre Thomas took during the season, he was still better than Michael Turner, Matt Forte, LT, Jacobs, Portis, Westbroken, Slaton, Barber…. Pierre got a lot of negative press and he has more upside to tap into so this guy could end up on a few of my teams next season.

Speaking of LT… was I disappointed with him? Not really, no. Will I draft him next year? Hell no!

Hopefully Jake Delhomme retires or loses his starting job. For Steve Smith’s sake. Would a rookie QB entice you to take Smith?

Why was I the only person saying Matt Ryan is overrated? dude threw like 12 TDs his rookie season and ppl were getting excited about him… wtf?!? lol. He threw 20 TDs this year, wow! I got Orton 10 Rds later, suck it!

Brett Favre needs 1 more TD for 30 on the year. Isn’t life grand?

All in all, it was a great football season for MDS. All six of my teams made the playoffs, even the team where my first 3 picks were LT, Pierre and DMC. Ouch! I won two leagues, including the Roto Arcade Invitational, but I should have won 4 leagues. Chris Jennings and Arian Foster will forever be hated on by MDS. I’d like to enjoy my wins, but I can’t get over the fact I should have won more. Pimpin aint easy