Four Corners Elimination Matchup

My most anticipated league, the Four Corners Elimination Matchup Fantasy Football league, (auction) drafted last night. We had it all: bidding wars, trash talk, discussions of wigs and headpieces and we even had a Jesse Jackson impersonator. In the end, I proved how far I’m willing to go for Arian Foster and I learned that I am not the biggest LeSean McCoy fanboy out there in fantasy land. The league is viewable to the public, not sure how long that will last though. Make the jump to see the list of competitors and my bodacious team.

The league is split into four divisions and each division has a so called “leader”. The division leaders were responsible for inviting three managers to join their division and naming the group. So technically, I invited only 6 of the 15 other managers. Each week one division matches up against another division. Each team plays every team outside of their division one time and a rival, twice. The divisions are basically for bragging rights. They tend to bring out the talking of trash (Star’s Czars being the biggest offenders, being that they come from a city built on top of trash, New York). Take that!

the Million Dollar Managers Led by yours truly, joined by three of my finest private leaguers.

Star’s Czars Led by Starbonell of RotoExperts and Starbonell Station, joined by the lovers of Ben Tate, Montario Hardesty and all players from the U and the Giants.

the Tweet Pimps Led by Chet Gresham of Razzball fame, joined by Mike Clay of ProFootballFocus, Bryan Fontaine of ProFootballFocus and Jim Day of FantasyFootballWhiz

Volkoff’s Anthem Led by one Andy Behrens of RotoArcade, joined by the FantasyBaseballSherpa, the FantasyFootballLibrarian and Marc (I believe) from BrunoBoys.

The best team and heavy favorite to win. It. All.

I think the draft went well for me. I was surprised to land Tom Brady for $25 and Steve Smith (NYG) for $19. I am pumped to have Stylez G White on the team. Best name in football, hands down. The FFLibrarian pushed hard for the rights to Arian Foster, but I put down the winning bid. Andy Behrens stole my title of the biggest LeSean McCoy lover out there, he paid $48 after I pushed it up to $47. Earlier he nabbed Mendenhall for $48 so the claws were out. Louis Murphy, Lance Moore and DHB will have to fill my WR3 slot, hopefully someone steps up there. I was thrilled to see my $1 nominations of Kareem Huggins and Anthony Dixon make it through unscathed. Somebody trumped my bid for Matt Moore! I like my IDPs even though I didn’t have much money to spend on them (I may need to replace DeAndre Levy for Week One). Stylez G White, I can’t say that enough. Stylez G White everybody.


The league can no longer be viewed by the public. Star’s Czars compromised that with their dirty, stinky, foul mouths. Feel free to send a dirty tweet to @Starbonell, just make sure to make light of the Czars being swept by the Million Dollar Managers. Word