Fuck You Ken Whisenhunt

Ken Whisenhunt is a dirty, dirty liar and I’d like to speak for the entire fantasy football community and say, “Fuck you Ken Whisenhunt”. You asshole. Not only did Ken hide the fact that Beanie Wells had knee surgery, he then goes on to say Beanie was day-to-day after having the procedure done.

“It wasn’t like a normal procedure where you’re down X amount of weeks,” Whisenhunt said. “It was a day-to-day thing…..”

The devil tongued coach wasn’t quite done spewing propaganda. Although the RB was labeled as Questionable for Sunday’s game against Oakland, Whisenhunt said there is “a very good chance” of Beanie playing.

Whatever chump. I’m not mad because I drafted Beanie, I just hate it when coaches lie about injuries. What did the Cardinals gain from this? Nothing. This should remind us to never draft players who come into the season already suffering from injuries. For every Wes Welker owner there are the managers who drafted Beanie Wells, Sidney Rice and Knowshon Moreno (Maurice Jones-Drew owners should be munching on their fingernails too).