Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names… Ever

This guy gets it
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After our Fantasy Baseball Team Names list was widely regarded as the funniest collection of team names ever created, you know the crew at SoR had to step their game up for fantasy football. Unlike other fantasy football team name sites, you won’t find any lame or recycled team names here. That’s right, no “Dirty Mark Sanchez,” “Arian Nation,” or “Smoke a Blount” shit here. Sure our list isn’t the longest on the ‘net, but there’s no filler round these parts.

These names are all the brainchild of Starbonell. That said, we do take requests, so if you have a hilarious suggestion, put it in the comments and we will give you full credit for it (that is, if it is good enough to make the list).

Well, enough talking. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

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Sexual Reference Team Names

Lick Dez Nuts

My Cock Fitzgerald’s Ass (courtesy of drummer412) 

My Dick Ain’t Flacco

Sit On My Stafford

Slob My Schaub

Succop A Dick

The Yates Infection

Ur Girl Gives Nice Woodhead


Drug Reference Team Names

I Celek, Let Me Inhale It

No Cops? Bring the Weeden

Smoking Dat Shonn Greene

The Snickle-Fitzpatricks


Ben Roethlisberger Rape Team Names

Big Ben Avoids Big Pen

Pittsburgh Feelers

The Rape-lisbergers

Roething At The Mouth


Tim Tebow Reference Team Names

Kneel and Te-blow Me

The People’s Tebow

Tim Is Terribow


Football Terminology Team Names

Dinner at RBs

Drunk Off The YAC

IDP Freely 


Player Reference Team Names

Bowe Knows Drops

A Brandon Lloyd Christmas

Bud Light Is Pettibrew

Can’t Keep a Blackmon Down

The Chris Cooley Highs

The C.J. Spillmatics

Counting That AJ Green

Decker Then Buy Roses

The Doucet Droppers

Dr. Quinn, Shitty Player

Go (Nick) Folk Yourself

The Golden Taints

Gould Jerry, Gould!

The Ingram Toenails

Killah Cam’s Newtons

Luck If Ya Buck

Mason Crosbys Kids

Me? I’m Just Schilens

The McCluster Fucks

Pause, No Romo

The Prater Haters

Sidney’s Rice N Beans

Smacking Ms. Bryant

True Britt

U Saw My Team & Rasharded

Ur Jahvid Best Isn’t Good Enuff

We Never LaFell Off


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