Gambling State University: Week Eight

Photo Credit: Jamie Adams

After seven weeks in the books my record is exactly .500 (8-8-1). This week, we here at Sons of Roto are going to mix it up and put away the dime system (for now) and try and pick you a slew of winners by attacking every game on the board. Hopefully in doing so I can win back the favor of my following and rise substantially above this .500 mark. As always the picks are in bold.

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The below are my picks for Week Eight starting with Thursday Night’s matchup and ending the week with Monday Night football:

Tampa Bay +6.5 at Minnesota
Miami +1 at New York Jets
Jacksonville +16 at Green Bay
Detroit -1 vs. Seattle
Tennessee -3.5 vs. Indianapolis
Kansas City -1 vs. Oakland
Carolina +9 at Chicago
Atlanta +1 at Philadelphia
New England -7 at St. Louis
Pittsburgh -4.5 vs. Washington
New Orleans +6 at Denver
Dallas +1 vs. New York Giants
Cleveland +1 vs. San Diego
Arizona +6.5 vs. San Francisco



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