Gambling State University: Week Seven

Tom Brady and co. should eat up the Jets
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

As per request, we here at Sons of Roto have implemented a dime system for your wagering plays. The dime scale ranges from five dimes to 100 dimes. For example, a bettor with a $50 minimum and $1,000 max will bet $100 on a 10 dime play, $500 on a 50 dime play, and a $1,000 on a 100 dime play. According to your bankroll, which naturally involves your minimum and maximum wagers, you should be able to gauge what to bet with regards to our dime play system. Thus far I, Luke Ryan, have delivered four out of six winning weeks, +$319 dollars or 31.9 dimes to a bettor with a $50 minimum and $1,000 max. This week, I am releasing our largest play of the season. Stay tuned for my biggest release of the season after the jump.

The Pick: New England Patriots -10 vs. NYJ
Why take the Patriots here? Well, for starters, the Patriots have an impeccable record under Bill Belichick in games following losing efforts. Secondly, any lead the Patriots get in this game will be held onto as the Patriots blew an eleven point lead in Seattle last week (something that Patriots defense won’t be forgetting anytime soon). Third, the Jets aren’t a consistent team. New York will not be able to string together three solid efforts, especially when the third effort will have to come in Foxboro against a New England team that is just aching to lay a beatdown like they did in Week Four. Do you remember Week Four? That was the week the Pats put a hurting on the Bills. The score in that game? 52-28. Expect something similar here.
The Score: Patriots 34, Jets 13
The Bet: 50 dimes [A $50 (min.) to $1,000 (max); bettor bets $500]

The Pick: Buffalo Bills -3.5 vs. TEN
The Buffalo Bills come into this game with a record of 3-3, which puts them right in the hunt for the suddenly competitive AFC East. Last week, the Buffalo Bills went into Arizona and did something no one has done in a while. They beat the Cardinals at home. As far as this season is concerned, the Bills had lofty expectations defensively and have otherwise failed to deliver on what the pundits expected to be a highly touted defense. Last week, the Titans beat the Steelers. Despite prognosticating that the Titans would cover versus the Steelers to his personal entourage, I firmly believe that last week’s game was a complete aberration. I believe a lot more in what the Bills are doing in the short term than anything the Titans are. Look for the Bills to play inspired in front of a loyal home crowd that features Rochester legend Christopher Magee. Bills edge out the hapless Titans in a mild-to-modest victory.
The Score: Bills 28, Titans 20
The Bet: 20 dimes [A $50 (min.) to $1,000 (max); bettor bets $200]



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