Gearing Up for IDP Leagues

MDS has joined his first IDP league. IDP or Individual Defensive Players replace the traditional team defenses used in standard formats. I’ve avoided em for awhile now b/c shutdown corners are avoided, negating their value, and star D-Lineman get double teamed in the trenches. It just doesn’t seem right, but there’s no way I’m turning down the opportunity to stick it to Behrens after the beating he handed me in a hellacious NL only league. So while brushing up on some IDP philosophies and rankings, I decided to get some outside help and inside info from Roto Experts’ IDP master, Antonio D’Arcangelis. Note: you’ll have to register at Roto Experts to see the philosophies link, its quick n painless. Do It, Do It

a few back n forth emails provided these nuggets from Antonio:

Basically, you want MLBs in 4-3s, DE/OLB guys eligible at DL (Suggs sometimes is
listed at LB, but he’s got great value at DL, as does Kampman), SS on bad defenses, talented-but=aging CBs who have lost a step and draw throws, but have learned to tackle in their elder years and can still take it to the house.

home from the bar… a little you need a response by tomorrow? lol

There’s a schism within the idp community on whether top-tier DL should come before LB because of the scarcity of top DL, but I view Top DL like I view top qbs — the top guys come off the board so quickly there’s no point reaching. With LB (the Rbs of IDP), however, sometimes I reach for guys like Willis.

After a few emails I got the feeling Antonio wasn’t brushing me off with generic answers so I went overboard and scared him off with about 10 random, scatter brained IDP questions. His most recent column at Roto Experts answered some of my questions and the rest I’ll be able to get to a little later after my IDP draft. Big thanks to Antonio for taking the time to answer my inquiries.