Hatin’ on Payton

You gotta love the fantasy community. It doesn’t matter if the Saints are undefeated at 11-0, the masses are still angry with Sean Payton. Specifically Pierre Thomas owners; and with MDS doubling down on the PT Bruiser, the playa hater in me is bubbling with frustration. Sure, the accusations of Payton trying to get fancy and stroke his ego with his redzone plays may be true, but we need to be equal opportunity playa haters. We need to spread the anti-love and focus our negative energies onto Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips. These two are the Beavis n Butthead of football, “Heh heh heh, I said stroke his ego.” Actually Wade Phillips is more like Stewart with his Winger t-shirt and Jason Garrett is the bully Todd getting his way. At least the Saints are scoring points, what has Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice done lately? These three are a more favorable group of RBs than Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush and Mike Bell, but they don’t get any love from the play callers. What are the Cowboys doing? Garrett needs to stop doing his Mike Martz imitation and pound the dam ball. Dallas should be running the ball 30 plus times a game with these guys.

Marion Barber (10 games) 152 touches, 770 YFS, 4 TDs

Pierre Thomas (9 games) 136 touches, 783 YFS, 7 TDs

Felix Jones (9 games) 68 touches, 485 YFS, 2 TDs

Reggie Bush (9 games) 84 touches, 484 YFS, 6 TDs

Tashard Choice (11 games) 73 touches, 462 YFS, 3 TDs

Mike Bell (9 games) 130 touches, 578 YFS, 4 TDs

Sure it’s frustrating to see TDs being spread around the Saints offense after spending a rd 2 pick on Pierre, but it’s worse having an earlier pick invested in Marion Barber or having to rely on Felix Jones. The Saints have a more prolific passing game, yet they still get their RBs more touches per game, more yards from scrimmage and more TDs. Maybe my PT anger has subsided a little bit now that I own a piece of Mike Bell, Heath Evans is toast and Reggie Bush has knee issues. All I’m saying is, save some of that playa hating mentality for the coaches who truly deserve it. It’s perfectly ok to talk trash on Payton tho. Keep doing that, I love it. Just throw some of those curse words and evil thoughts toward the Cowboys play callers (and Jerry Jones, he sucks too). I’ll be over here sticking needles in my Reggie Bush bobblehead and trying to convince Eagles/Giants management to hire Jessica Simpson as a cheerleader.