Hipster Grifter

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Sidney Rice story. He hurt his hip in the NFC Championship Game, two out of three doctors recommended surgery, he opted for the rehab route and here we are:

WR Sidney Rice confirmed he had hip surgery in Vail, Colo. on Monday in a text message to the Star-Tribune.

Rice is expected to miss half the season. Hopefully no one has drafted any teams yet, but we all know that is not the case. Even I, the great MDS, participated in one draft in JULY and of course, I drafted Sidney Rice… and Brett Favre. My season is already over!!! Just kidding. The injury news has repercussions for everyone involved so we might as well discuss. Make the jump.

I just dropped Sidney down to the 38th WR in my rankings. Just below Jabar Gaffney and above Benard Berrian. If I was going to draft in points based leagues, that ranking would likely be lower, but all of my leagues are head-to-head formats so I have to give Sidney some value just for the playoffs.

Bernard Berrian has made a substantial leap in value with all the news regarding Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin. Percy (or as I call him, “P”) is making ’em say ugggghhhh because he can’t make it through practice without experiencing severe migraines. Berrian is now ranked 39th in my WR rankings. He will be productive for half a season and he’ll be semi-productive during the second half. I might give Bernard a slight bump up in my ranks after I ponder the situation for a few days. I can’t help but remember all the easy passes Bernard dropped last season and the shunning he received afterwards.

Visanthe Shiancoe, who is dealing with a minor shoulder issue, should see a little more action while Sidney rehabs (again). He piled up 566 yards last season so a jump up to 700 yards isn’t hard to fathom. Of course, Shiancoe’s real value lies in his TD total. Favre loves to throw to his TE in the red zone and Visanthe pulled in 11 TD last season. I’m banking on a repeat. My guess: 700 yards and 12 TD. He just moved up two spots in my TE ranks, jumping ahead of Kellen Winslow and Owen Daniels.

Javon Walker. Remember him? It’s OK if you don’t. Javon has been rotting in OAK the past few seasons, struggling to stay healthy. Apparently, he’s not even in the Yahoo! player pool. Javon will reunite with Favre now that the Vikings have officially signed him. Walker once had a 1,382 yard 12 TD season playing with greybeard. That was better than Sidney Rice’s 2009 season, but of course, that was six years ago before he had knee and hammy issues. Javon needs to prove he is healthy and ready to produce before I get too excited about him. He is currently ranked 83rd in my WR rankings.

Brett Favre. What do we make of Barbara now that Sidney is missing for half a season (at minimum) and Percy is… well, we don’t really know what is going to happen with “P”. I guess I have to drop him below Phillip Rivers and out of that tier completely. He now joins Kevin Kolb, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco territory. One must remember, Brett Favre makes wide receivers, wide receivers do not make Brett Favre. I’m sure the Vikes will lean on the running game a little bit more with the string of injuries to the WR corp and Favre’s ankle being the subject of controversy. If you want to rank Kolb ahead of Favre, that’s fine with me. Eli? That depends on whether or not you believe the “return to the running game” coach speak coming out of NY. Cutler? That depends on your scoring system (INT). Flacco Seagulls? I could see it, but that’s probably going to continue to be a run oriented offense. Favre now sits 8th or 9th in my QB ranks. I love Kolb so let’s just say 9th.


in other WR related news: Tom Cable says Chaz Schilens may need to have his knee scoped. Chaz is no longer in charge! He has been reduced to Buddy Lembeck status. I dropped Chaz to 69th in my WR ranks. Louis Murphy was boosted up to 49th, while Darrius Heyward-Bey didn’t get any extra love. He already gets enough of that from MDS.