Indianapolis Colts Q&A Session

Joseph Addai is back, but will he get the highly coveted goal line carries?
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When you think of the Indianapolis Colts one man immediately comes to mind: Peyton Manning. The iron man of the NFL has not missed a game during his 13-year career, but he did undergo a surgical procedure on his neck this offseason. This was the second time in as many years that he’s had surgery on his head pole. There is no timetable for his return, but most (tentatively) expect him back for the start of the regular season. The quarterback Colt wasn’t the only animal to suffer from abuse and cruelty. Austin Collie is returning from multiple concussions and Dallas Clark returns from a busted up wrist. If everything comes together the team should continue to produce an array of fantasy staples. To help clear some of the cob webs inside and outside of Austin Collie’s head we’ve connected with a fellow Bloguin site, – An Indianapolis Colts Blog. Let’s jump into it.

First off, please wrap our audience in a warm Colts snuggie and whisper into our ears, reassuring us that we will not have to endure the Curtis Painter show. Peyton will overcome his physical ailments (excluding his terrible hair cut) and is a lock to play 16 games… right? Please?

Yes. If the Colts were worried about Manning being ready for the season, they’d be looking to bring in someone better than Curtis Painter. Manning has been visible at camp and was on the sidelines for a road preseason game. That tells me he’s doing fine and coming along. I don’t think fans will notice any lingering effects.

Austin Collie was phenomenal last season, and then he was concussed three times. All reports from the offseason say he’s past his issues, but he did decline all interviews during the summer. Collie caught six touchdowns in the Colts’ first six games (with 503 yards to boot) and he will be a target of mine in upcoming fantasy football drafts. I’m just looking for confirmation that he will be heavily involved in the passing attack, is fully healed and looking great in camp. Yes?

Collie has looked good and as long as he stays healthy, he’ll be a major factor for the 2011 Colts. Concussions are a funny thing though, and you never know when he could be sidelined.

According to ProFootballFocus Pierre Garcon dropped 13 passes (of 85 catchable balls). He’s one of the best at being the worst when it comes to catching passes. How are Pierre’s hands looking this year? Do you know if all ten of his fingers work?

He’s the major question going forward for the Colts offense. He has All Pro talent, but is wildly inconsistent. If he ever improves his hands, he could become a Pro Bowl wideout. He had a circus catch in the first preseason game, so that bodes well.

Before Dallas Clark underwent wrist surgery he was on pace for his second 140-target season in as many years. Huge numbers for a Tight End. It’s well known that he is fully recovered and ready to roll, but Jacob Tamme was arguably one of the best fantasy tight ends after Antonio Gates’ season ended (foot). Tamme hauled in over 600 yards and 4 TD in 10 games. Will the team give him some action this year? Will he cut into Clark’s playing time or production?

No. Tamme is Clark-lite. He doesn’t have Clark’s speed or blocking ability. He doesn’t stretch the defense vertically like Clark did. He had a horrid playoff game against the Jets. He’s a good backup. Nothing more.

Finally, let’s sort out the Indy run game. How is the o-line looking? They weren’t very good at run blocking last season (their 3.8 YPC ranked 25th in the league), but they did spend two early round draft picks on blocking behemoths in April. The team brought back Joseph Addai, but my main question with the running backs is who is getting the goal line work? Javarris James scored six TD last season, will Delone Carter fill that role in 2011 or will Addai enjoy all the fun? [Editor‘s note: notice how I didn‘t bring up Donald Brown‘s name? I did that on purpose.]

Delone Carter is expected to get goal line carries. The line is a work in progress. No one has any idea at this stage who is starting at three of the five positions come week one. The odds are high that Castonzo is the left tackle and Saturday will be the center, but other than that it’s anyone’s guess still.

So there you have it. Peyton Manning and Austin Collie should be fine to draft, Pierre Garcon is still a highly talented breakout candidate, Jacob Tamme will not cut into Dallas Clark’s production and Delone Carter is a direct threat to Joseph Addai and his owners. After reading this I immediately gave Joseph Addai a slight downgrade in my RB rankings (down to No. 35, from No. 29). Delone moved up to No. 44 (from No. 49). I’d like to give a big thanks to Nate Dunlevy from – An Indianapolis Colts blog – for answering our inquiries.

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