MDS vs Evans

What can I tell you about Brad Evans that you don’t already know? He loves Billy Butler, Pierre Thomas and anybody who played for the Illinois Fighting Illini. He may like to partake in an adult beverage or four, may or may not have been castrated (technical term is vasectomy) and is one of the most entertaining writers yahoo has to offer. MDS also believes he is the best football guru of the bunch, no small feat. So when the invite came to join his 2008 Bring the Noise Blog League, I was excited to say the least. 16 team, flex spot added, ppr (0.75 pts) league here I come!

Brad and I were next to each other during the draft and basically tormented each other by robbing the other’s queue list. MDS boldly predicted many of Evans picks except for Wes Welker and Pierre Thomas, those were nice. MDS led the standings for a good chunk of the year, but Evans team was basically unstoppable down the stretch. He took the #1 seed from me and then steam rolled his way thru the playoffs eventually pinning the Million Dollar Man in the championship. Now even tho some ppl (just me actually) were demanding an asterisk to be placed next to Brad’s win for using a steel chair, MDS eventually relented and gave Brad his props.

but just for all the Million Dollar Maniacs out there, this is what made MDS a little upset. The very week LT was deemed healthy n fit to play out the season, Brad pulled a Snake job on another manager (who had no chance at the playoffs) acquiring Eddie Royal for Darren Sproles. MDS cried foul as this smelled fishy, almost as if it was a bribe for an invite next year. MDS may have been paranoid or just spreading his patented propaganda to protect his team, but either way, MDS Conspiracy Theory 101 was in full effect. Brad’s response:

“Hey, he offered me the trade. Being a frightened LT owner he really wanted Sproles…. Royal has produced marginally since Marshall ’s return and is still battling residual ankle soreness.”

residual ankle soreness…. ill remember that one Brad….

In the end, Brad was the big winner and I’m sure he would have won whether or not he had Eddie Money on his team. But MDS needs an excuse/reason for failure or else I might have to strip myself of the self-proclaimed fantasy expert title I worked so hard for…. At least I was introduced to Xobai who is a great manager and who has since joined my regular group elite renegade private leaguers. The Big Noise couldn’t be silenced, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to a rematch. This time with Virgil in my corner as co-manager.

Congrats Brad!