MDS vs leagues

When yahoo let commissioners create divisions and set up custom scheduling, the MDS vs leagues were born. Born into stardom. A league where MDS and 6 of his finest private leaguers make war on the faces of any fantasy guru and 6 of his best private leaguers. the Million Dollar Man-agers are always ready to rumble and willing to defend their honor and reputation against anyone who can convince MDS of their worthiness.

…so we have 14 teams split into two divisions. In the above case, we have team MDS: the Million Dollar Man-agers doing battle against the infamous Moehair and his Mel Kiper Jr. Impersonators. Each week, every matchup is a MDS team vs a MOE team. After 13 weeks of small skirmishes and battles, the two division winners and 4 other top teams will go on to fight for global domination: the almighty MDS vs MOE Superbowl Showdown championship trophy. With this one small, imaginary trophy a single manager can control the fate of the free fantasy world.

with these basic principles guiding the league, the two opposing division leaders can barter and change some of the finer details of the league. Moe and I agreed to use a PPR scoring format for QBs and positional players that I use in my Pigskin Playmakers league. We also slightly modified the scoring for kickers, nothing major. Weeks 1 and 8 are rivarly weeks. And for unexplained reasons, other than a strange coincidence, team MOE went with team names using the letter M. If your league mates dont mind, you could also pre-set the draft order so the draft spots are intertwined between the two divisions.

so there you have it. yet another way to play fantasy football. its all about the competition and having some fun while doing it. you’ll never beat the Million Dollar Man-agers, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying…

there are rumors floating around (my email box) that certain yahoo fantasy gurus are willing to test their battle skills against MDS and his merry band of renegade private leaguers. Invites have yet to be sent so MDS will believe it when MDS sees it. Embarrassment will be handed on a platter so some ppl have more to lose than to gain. so we’ll see…

to be continued… possibly