MDS vs the World

The odds are being stacked against me my friends. I feel like Vince McMahon just made me the first wrestler to enter the ring at the Royal Rumble, except Andy Behrens is playing the role of Vinny Mac and Paul Bourdett, the Pick Up Artist, is his enforcer. As you can see in the pic, the divisions were changed around. A fourth manager should be in the South and East division before being placed into the West. This is because Behrens changed em around. He had this to say:

“I’ll switch MDS to your division, Paul, since I’ve already knocked him off once. We should take turns.”

ohhhhh, thems is fightin words. I also happened to notice, the other two managers in my division have the best profiles (besides mine) in the league at 74% and 71%. Neither of these other guys’ leagues impress me so that’s no thing, but the line in the sand has been drawn. This is the Roto Arcade Invitational, but it might as well be called the Million Dollar Bounty league. Pride isn’t a form of money, but there is definitely a price on my head. Plus this will be my first IDP league so I’ve had to contact an un-named (for a reason) fantasy expert for some advice regarding these defensive players and how they should be drafted. I’ll be posting that stuff sooner or later… Some ppl might have complained about this, but MDS welcomes it.