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Its been awhile since I’ve done a drunken blog post. The kind I regret in the morning…. Make the jump if you want to see more LeSeanMcCoy love and the best team I’ve drafted yet. Draft notes come with proof of purchase.

I seem to have a natural flow when it comes to auction drafting… spend early and save a bit to use the hammer at the end. Reasons being: people like to sit back and…. what’s the word I’m looking for…. get a feel for how people are spending. Which may or not be…. a…. piece of advice… but it’s the wrong way to do things. At least tonight it was. I finally purchased Adrian Peterson. Yes! $68. That is basically market price, but in a 16 team league, there are no bargains during the early nominations. Fuck value, it’s all about production. Did I forget to mention, my censor gets turned off when I’m drinking?

The draft was going so well for me that I started drinking mid way through it.

Eli Manning. $8. I couldn’t believe it.The resident Giants fan went berserk.

I noticed people were timid in the early going, so I started nominated players that I wanted. LeSean McCoy. Arian Foster. Then my money was spent and I did my usual thing…. sit back and let people spend. I had three RB and began nominating them, rapid fire style. Hyping them up in the chat box. Propaganda is a skill.

Shot time.

Here is my thing. PPR leagues. Love em. I don’t mind kicking back and filling my WR spots with cheap buys and sleepers. Someone is going to break out and I think I have a feeling of who it could be. I have about 10 guys that I have good feelings about. I may be wrong, but it feels so good and that’s the beauty of drafting. Feeling good when all is said and done.

Side note: in the 18 team league that I have Matt Moore as my starting QB (yikes, huh?), I have received about 20 trade offers that involve him. Everyone who wants to sell me their QB for my Rd 1 RB, wants Matt Moore in return. Funny huh? I know they want him as a backup, but I still think it’s funny. I’m rocking him with pride and will not surrender to a low ball offer, even though I do want a better QB or, at the very least, a capable backup.

What’s in my walllet: (shout out to Pianowski). Derrick Mason. The Boldin acquisition has drastically reduced his price and I believe he is a bargain (at least the prices I’m paying). The Ravens call him 1.B (Boldin is obviously 1.A). Flacco isn’t that bad and from Behrens says, the Ravens pass game was halted by Flacco injuries. Speaking of Flacco, I need to have him on at least one team, but he isn’t coming at any kind of discount. I pushed him up to $17 or $18, but someone with a big chunk of money wanted him.OK, that was a limited version of what’s in my wallet. I’m not trying to jack Pianow’s original stuff. That’s not my style. Pianow rules, even though we’ve had our differences (but that’s what makes the best friendships if you ask me).

Bad music plug (what I’m listening to now): Aesop Rock “Basic Cable“. Unique style that I only enjoy over great beats. And this is one. “Water” is another.

I came though on those Arian Foster predictions from before. One down, two more to go. We’ll see how far Brad Evans is really willing to go on Arian Foster. I’m ready to pump out $34 without blinking and if the situation calls for it, I’m willing to go up to… $44. That seems like a lot of money and I’d have to be backed into a corner, but I think it’ll pay off. In an auction (with 20 teams) you have to be willing to pay what you believe will pay off. Sometimes you have to say, “Fuck value. I need production.”. Bolded. That’s a point you need to remember.

well, I should probably post my team from tonight….




I really don’t know how much I’ve ranted on… I could go forever when I’ve been drinking… but I want to end this with a shout out to Golden Arms from the Wu Tang Clan… Paper Plates

lol, classic MDS. Sidetracking the entire post. LMAO. Seriously, when it comes to deeper leagues (that’s all I know), I like to spend early on and keep the hammer at the end to be able to lock up my sleepers. If you don’t have the sleepers at the end, your “stars and scrubs” strategy gets fucked. Excuse’ my French, but that’s exactly what happens. If you don’t have the money to purchase the WR you need to complete your roster, you might as well bend over and take it in the ass. There is no worse feeling in the world than having a $1 max bid and 3-6 players you need to own to make your roster “complete”. My strategy: Big time RB (expensive or not (McCoy, Foster vs top ranked dogs)) vs cheap WR: Nicks, MSW, Garcon, Maclin (those aren’t sleepers, but I’m calling them WR1, so they are), (god damn this “Water” song is good), Know, Floyd, Mason, Mason, Housh (if he signed w/ MIN (I don’t know at this point in time), Driver (cheaply), Bryant (please), Mike Williams [(TB, does’nt need the quotations if you ask me) fuckers have been nominating him early, which pisses me off bigtime], Gaffney, Aromashodu, Robinson [bigtime if he can stay healthy (Avery2.0)], Murphy, L.Moore, Naanee, Jacoby (I may be underrating him. Fuck Walter and his contact. That piece of shit with his spikey hair. Fuck him), Burleson [I still have a spot in my heart for him after the SEA vs MIN contract disputes (Hutch vs Burleson)], holy shit that’s a lot of quotations for a list of players I think are good sleepers, Mike Williams [(SEA) yes he needs the quotes because the real Mike Williams is in TB, VJackson is going to SEA, even if STL is making them pay for it (great move btw STL), DHB (fuck yeah, Oakland bust WR cashing in at $1), Lance Moore (reclaiming his 2008 status with a Meachem toe injury), James Jones (big time pick next year w/ a Driver knee injury), James Jones (fuck you Kevin Walter, I’ll start a fight with you on the street to make Jacoby relevant. Fuck you bitch.), Mike Thomas (MSW is going to be hurt at some point in time, Thomas won’t become a true No.1, but they don’t have much to pick up the slack so Mike Thomas should see, at least, a 10% increase on top the production he gains from being the No.2).

God damn, I’m pretty sure I just went off course after trying to get back on course. I’ll be lucky to spell check this shit and add a LeSean McCoy or Arian Foster pic….. maybe I’ll put up a Derrick Mason pic…. I’m drunk, no telling…. ahhhhhh….. fuck… ok…. (I knew I was going to regret this. Did I post my team yet?) lol. this shit was fun. I love drunken posts

holy shit, I went off on an email for like 30 minutes, I’m completely lost here. I forgot where I’m  at, what I was trying to say and where I was going to go. I told you, I was going to regret this in the morning. Shout out to Mikey K for knowing that Anthony Dixon was the grab in SF. Own him in every league if you want some low risk, HIGH (yes, capital on purpose) reward type shit. I would have said stuff, but that is some shit. Seriously, Dixon is your Ricky Williams 2009 type RB.

I have to cut this off. Literally.

Damn it feels good to be apart of the Bloguin network. Shout outs to my main man (and my MN homie, Derek, College Wolf)