New Poll

The sidebar QB poll is officially closed. I’m somewhat surprised to see Tony Romo (73%) smash Tom Brady (20%) and Matt Schaub (7%). I voted for Romo, but thought Tom Brady would have won. I recently moved Tom ahead of Schaub in my QB ranks after seeing the Brady Bunch in action. That receiving corps in New England looks deadly. Randy Moss is motivated, Welker is Wolverine’s brother from another mother, Edelman looks great, Brandon Tate is a deep league sleeper, Taylor Price isn’t bad, Aaron Hernandez is impressing people and they took another TE (Rob Gronkowski) ahead of him in the draft this year. I need to stop this Tom Brady propaganda before I adjust my rankings again.

New poll for the TE position: Vernon Davis, Jermichael Finley and Jason Witten are separated by only six picks according to MockDraftCentral. Who should be taken first from this group?