NFL Corpo Update Week 9

The Fantasy Football Corporate Ladder has been updated. We’re starting to factor in strength of schedule and the last few remaining Bye weeks. For more SOS info, check out The Good, the Bad and Ug Lee. This week Thomas Jones can finally stop with the Rodney Dangerfield jokes (Dexter McCluster didn’t like that midget joke) and LeGarrette Blount went from ashy to classy. I single handily motivated Maurice Jones-Drew by dropping him into Round Two territory, now it’s Ray Rice’s turn. Join us after the jump to see Eli’s giant move up the ranks, Jacob Tamme’s corporate debut and the rest of the Top 100 fantasy football players.

Demoted Kenny Britt (57), Joe Flacco (79), Donald Driver (85), Davone Bess (97), Nate Burleson (98) and Matt Ryan (100)