NFL Real Talk: Week 11

Even Bobby Budnick would salute Cecil Shorts

So this is the last edition of “NFL Real Talk” for the 2012 fantasy football season (cue the song “Taps”). With this week marking the deadline to make trades (in most leagues) and the final set of byes, the matchup and buy/sell portions of this piece will be irrelevant. And let’s be honest, if at this stage of the season you still need someone to tell you what to do, you probably aren’t winning a championship anytime soon.

It’s always sad penning the last article of a season… wait, that’s entirely false. It’s actually really awesome because it gives me more time to make babies and wrestle bears for sport. On that note, so long suckas.

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Sell-ery (or, “These Guys Suck But Still Have Value, So Trade Them To Some Moron”)Hakeem Nicks
Coming off a nine-catch, 75-yard performance in Week 10, Nicks is a prime trade candidate. He’s a supreme talent when he’s healthy. Problem is, he’s not. If you’ve seen any of the Giants games, it’s obvious that Nicks is not his usual self. He’s having trouble creating separation and getting downfield, and the extra rest the Giants have been giving him during the week hasn’t helped. He’s a WR2 with a lot of upside, but you could probably convince some owner in your league that he’s still a WR1. 

Buy-sexuals (or, “You Should Want These Guys, But Only In A Platonic Way, Which Is Why They Are Called ‘BUY-sexuals’”)
Cecil Shorts
Though the Jaguars are generally considered a fantasy wasteland, it’s time for Shorts to be owned in all leagues. He’s entrenched in the starting lineup and has the best chemistry with QB Blaine Gabbert out of all the Jacksonville receivers. He’s averaged 9.75 targets per game over the last four weeks and is worth starting as a weekly WR3.

Matchup Macking (or, “I’ll Tell You Which Border-line Options To Play With The Help Of Matchup Analysis, And Also I’m A Charming Lad ‘Round The Ladies”)
Last week’s points-per-recommendation (Yahoo! standard scoring with .5 PPR)
QB = 24 points 
RB = 8.3 points 
WR = 7.4 points
TE = 9.0 points 

This season’s points-per-recommendation 
QB = 20.3 points (five recommendations) 
RB = 5.3 points (two recommendation) 
WR = 6.9 points (four recommendations) 
TE = 11.6 points (five recommendations) 

1 – Nick Foles at WAS
2 – Mark Ingram at OAK
3 – Darrius Heyward-Bey at OAK
4 – Anthony Fasano at BUF

Matchup Slacking (or, “I’ll Tell You Which Border-line Options To Sit With The Help Of Matchup Analysis, And Also I’m A Charming Lad ‘Round The Ladies”)
Last week’s points-per-recommendation (Yahoo! standard scoring with .5 PPR)
QB = 7.4 points 
RB = 6.6 points
WR = 7.5 points 
TE = 15.2 points 

This season’s points-per-recommendation 
QB = 11.6 points (three recommendations) 
RB = 14.9 points (four recommendations) 
WR = 8.7 points (three recommendations) 
TE = 8.2 points (two recommendation) 

1 – Joe Flacco at PIT
2 – Fred Jackson vs. MIA
3 – Larry Fitzgerald at ATL
4 – Brandon Pettigrew vs. GB

Dropping Deuces (or “These Guys Are Bad, So Bad That One Can Refer To Them As ‘Shitty’”)
1 – Jared Cook
With the bye weeks coming to a close, there is no reason to keep Jared Cook around. If he’s your starting TE, chances are that it’s because you stopped paying attention to your team four weeks ago and just left whatever scrubs you last played in the starting lineup. He’s an explosive weapon who could be an amazing fantasy option, but the Titans would rather underuse their best weapon in the receiving game. Cook is averaging a pathetic 3.1 catches and 40.5 yards per game. Let’s be honest, you will never start him again this season if you keep him on the roster, so why bother keeping him around at all? Treat Cook like an umbilical cord and cut his ass.


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