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NFL Real Talk: Week Four

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NFL Real Talk functions as a cumulative fantasy football resource for gamers looking to sniff out every advantage they can week-to-week. Here, you will find recommendations for players to buy/hold/sell/drop, as well as matchups for you to exploit. 


The bye weeks are upon us, which means the real season is starting to get underway. Perhaps you drafted an ill starting lineup and have made it through the first three games without any serious injuries. Congratulations bitch. Now let’s see what that ass does when you have to mix and match with the overlooked pieces on your bench. 


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Buzzy Brohams: Ditch, Grab, Or Pawn

The players here are generating ample buzz… though not all of it is good. Here, we’ll tell you whether to hold, acquire, or straight up ditch the dudes listed below.


Lance Moore

Dude has been straight up garbage so far, with two catches and 23 yards marking his season-highs. Of course, Moore has had these kind of disappearing act stretches in his career before, only to explode randomly for multiple TD performances that carry his owners on any given week (as long as they weren’t sitting him). So can we expect a rebound for the Saints WR? Probably not. For starters, there are simply too many mouths to feed and three of those hungry orifices belong to much more talented players (Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, and Darren Sproles). Granted, these players have been in New Orleans and Moore still managed to turn in a 1,000 yard season last year. That said, this is a new year, and the 30-year-old Moore is playing fewer snaps and falling out of favor. 

Verdict: Ditch his ass unless you are in a really deep league and need him as a desperation bye-week fill-in.


Daryl Richardson
A troublesome foot injury KO’d Richardson from Week Three’s game against the Cowboys, and his status is up in the air for Week Four since the Rams play on Thursday. D-Rich was a popular sleeper pick at RB this draft season, but he seems to have zero trust from fantasy owners thanks to the injury, a paltry 3.3 YPC, and Isaiah Pead’s presence. While Richardson would be a dicey play this week thanks to his ailment and a tough matchup against the 49ers, he’s still a solid long-term option for the season. For starters, Pead has done nothing to distinguish himself as a legitimate backfield option for St. Louis. Richardson, on the other hand, totaled at least 80 yards in the first two weeks, catching five catches in each game. Those don’t sound like spectacular numbers, but 80 yards and five catches is good for double-digit points in PPR leagues. Considering the load he’s received when healthy (there has been no semblance of a platoon), Richardson is a player who could turn into a reliable fantasy starter if he can stay on the field.

Verdict: Grab him on the low if you can (pause). 


Eli Manning
Some fantasy owners are looking at Eli Manning as an untrustworthy option. His offensive line play has been pathetic and with eight turnovers in three games, people are actually questioning whether or not to keep starting Manning. This makes for the perfect buy-low opportunity. The Giants still have playmakers all over the offense, and once the O-line gels (injuries have had guys coming in and out of that unit), things will get back under control. The organization and coaching staff have been too consistent and adaptable over the last few years to let this thing spiral out of control. Manning will have some INTs, but he’ll also pile up the yardage and TDs in this offense once things get going.

Verdict: Make like a horny male cheerleader and go for the cheap grab if you can.


Ryan Broyles
With Nate Burleson dinged up, Broyles moves back into the slot position and seems poised to see a spike in targets with the receiver-thin Lions… or so that’s what everyone thinks. The truth is, Broyles is a shell of his former self after back-to-back ACL tears. Shit, the team is even looking for WR help as we speak, which speaks to the “confidence” the Lions have with their current starters. I know Detroit does a lot of passing, but fantasy owners should take the same approach when wondering whether or not to pick up Ryan Broyles.

Verdict: Let someone else waste the roster spot.


Bilal Powell

I drafted Powell in two of my four leagues. The only reason he was even considered was because Chris “Crutches” Ivory was the only thing standing in Powell’s way to feature back duties. Powell doesn’t have a ton of talent, but he is a nice passing game option for rookie Geno Smith and will see a big enough workload to warrant every-week starts in fantasy leagues. 

Verdict: Call him Blaine Grab-bert


Santonio Holmes
There were all these reports this offseason that Holmes was milking his foot injury and had no designs on rushing back to the field, but he looked spry as shit in Week Three (5/154/1). He was facing horrible coverage and that certainly seemed to aid his production, but he is still a downfield threat who has some upside. Of course, he’s also a selfish bitch who has topped the 1,000 yard mark once in his seven year career. With a rookie QB and weak overall team around him, you really can’t expect Holmes to resemble anything close to a WR3 on a consistent basis. He’s a bye-week replacement option.

Verdict: Deeper league owners in need of bye-week depth can take a shot. Everyone else? Don’t bother.


Matchup Macking
Got a QB platoon or a start/sit quandary on your roster? Or perhaps you enjoy to dabble in weekly money leagues? Whatever your vice, you’ll find matchup plays that will tickle your roster’s fancy. This is where borderline options come to thrive (or die). Points are based on default Yahoo! settings with 0.5 points-per-reception.


Start ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

QB – Ben Roethlisberger @MIN

WR – Denarius Moore vs. WAS

RB – Le’Veon Bell @MIN

TE – Jordan Reed (or whoever the WAS TE is) @OAK


Last week’s points-per-recommendation (Yahoo! standard scoring with .5 PPR)

QB = 14.12 points 

WR = 13.60 points 

RB = 21.20 points

TE = zero points 


Sits ‘N Giggles

This week’s recommendations

QB – Geno Smith @TEN

WR – Alshon Jeffery @DET

RB – Ryan Mathews vs. DAL

TE – Brandon Myers @KC


Last week’s points-per-recommendation (Yahoo! standard scoring with .5 PPR)

QB = 11.46 points 

WR = 17.60 points 

RB = 12.90 points

TE = 5.30 points


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