NFL Real Talk: Week Seven

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Josh Gordon led off the new and improved “NFL Real Talk” last week, and he proceeded to kill it in Week Six (three catches, 99 yards, TD). It’s a sign that I must continue with the format we used in our last episode, with the ultimate goal being that “NFL Real Talk” becomes the most useful fantasy football article on the ‘net. It honestly shouldn’t be that hard. After all, Sons of Roto only caters to competitive owners who don’t need someone to tell them that you should pick up Felix Jones this week. Nah son. We’re the Josh Gordon gloaters, the Randall Cobb crowers, and the Kyle Rudolph rabble-rousers. In other words, the idea is not to tell you what you already know, but rather point out shit that is actually useful and advantageous. We’re nice like that.

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-With 30 targets in the last three weeks (good for 11th among WRs) and the potential for big plays on every catch, Kendall Wright should be owned in all leagues. Some people think Wright’s production is a bit of a mirage since he ran fewer routes than Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, and Jared Cook in Week Six, but that’s short-sighted. Wright likely spent more time on the bench last week due to his dropped TD pass early in the contest, but if you paid attention, he was a fixture in the offense in the fourth quarter. On top of that, he only has 33 fewer snaps-in-route than team leader Nate Washington, but has 17 more targets on the year. Wright is a rookie and still needs to tighten some things up, but he’s by far the most explosive receiver on the team. The quick little guy sports more burst than a hymen, and it’s no surprise that he’s been plenty involved in the Titans offense.

Sell-ery (or, “These Guys Suck But Still Have Value, So Trade Them To Some Moron”)
1 – Chris Johnson
Even though he’s had two good fantasy games in the last three weeks, you shouldn’t be expecting a resurgence. Johnson is still a hesitant twat when it comes to running the football, and there will be a lot more bad than good going forward. The good news is that he still carries a decent price tag as a rare feature back in the NFL, so you can definitely get some value in return.

2 – Joe Flacco
There are still some suckers out there who think Joe Flacco is poised to put up big numbers the rest of the way. Not only is he operating out of a run-heavy system that will never let him take the reins of the offense, but his accuracy has been very inconsistent. Despite his talent, he is nowhere close to approaching the elite tier of NFL QBs. In fantasy, he’s a platoon QB, but there are plenty of dumbasses out there who still view him as a QB1.

3 – Greg Olsen
I really like Olsen as a player, but as I’ve been saying since the preseason, his ceiling is low thanks to the lack of TD potential. On top of that, two of his five games saw him net just three targets. Again, nice player, but being in Carolina hurts his fantasy production.

Buy-sexuals (or, “You Should Want These Guys, But Only In A Platonic Way, Which Is Why They Are Called ‘BUY-sexuals’”)
1 – Denarius Moore
One of the “Moore” explosive players in the league, the Raiders WR is worth starting most weeks in 12-team leagues. He’s always an injury-risk, but he’s seen at least eight targets in all four games he’s played this year.

2 – Jacob Tamme
Even though Joel Dreessen is stealing all the red zone TDs at the moment, Tamme is the Broncos TE you want to fuck with. He’s 11th among all TEs in targets (with 15 more than Dreessen) and as Peyton Manning continues to improve, Tamme’s numbers will as well.

3 – Joique Bell
Matt Rafferty gave him his first SoR shout, your boy Stat Bundles preached about him two weeks ago, and this is your last warning to get on the “Joique Strap” (pause). He’s proving rather elusive when he does touch the rock and he’s great in the passing game. Mikel LeShoure is nowhere near as dynamic as Bell. LeShoure also has an injury history.

Matchup Macking (or, “I’ll Tell You Which Border-line Options To Play With The Help Of Matchup Analysis, And Also I’m A Charming Lad ‘Round The Ladies”)
Last week’s points-per-recommendation (Yahoo! standard scoring with .5 PPR)
QB = 20.1 points
RB = 2.2 points
WR = 2.8 points
TE = 9.7 points

1 – Stephen Hill at NE
This is more of a gut pick since New England hasn’t been steadily destroyed by no. 1 WRs on opposing teams, but I think his athleticism will create a lot of problems for the Pats defense.

2 – Andrew Luck at IND
Luck looked erratic as hell last week, but the Browns defense will be just what the doctored (it should be noted that any doctor involved in prescribing wack NFL defenses is practicing quackery).

3 – Dustin Keller at NE
Two players from the New York Jets offense? I know, I’m scared too. Yet the Pats have been getting killed by opposing TEs and Keller is the most reliable receiver in Mark Sanchez’s huddle.

Matchup Slacking (or, “I’ll Tell You Which Border-line Options To Sit With The Help Of Matchup Analysis, And Also I’m A Charming Lad ‘Round The Ladies”)
1 – Alex Smith vs. SEA
This is more of a public service announcement concerning Alex Smith’s mediocre-at-best fantasy prospects. He’s the 19th ranked Yahoo! fantasy QB, thanks largely to a tepid 214.5 yards-per-game average. Yet people still love him. He gets started in way too many leagues and isn’t even the best QB on his own team! How the fuck can he be the best fantasy option on your roster? Yet because he leads the league in QB rating, his believers still have faith. They’ll say things like, “Tom Brady shredded Seattle for 395 yards last week!” Alex Smith is no Tom Brady. Shit, he ain’t even Greg Brady. Expect Seattle’s tough pass D to eat him up.

2 – Mikel LeShoure
Until the Bears give me a reason to think otherwise, I’m just gonna assume that every RB that faces them will get shut down faster Stephen Strasburg in a World Series run.

Dropping Deuces (or “These Guys Are Bad, So Bad That One Can Refer To Them As ‘Shitty’”)
1 – Jay Cutler
I dropped Cutler before Week Five in one league (a 14-teamer no less). Truth be told, I had the QB depth with Matt Ryan and (gulp) Alex Smith. Now I know what you are thinking:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa Mr. ‘Big Shot Fantasy Writer Who Probably Sleeps With A Ton Of Women And Is Really, Really, Cool,’ didn’t you just say that you shouldn’t start Alex Smith?!?!”

Yes, it’s true since Ryan is on a bye-week. But it’s a one-week deal, so I’ll take my lumps with Smith and hope the rest of my team is diesel enough to carry me to 5-2. Anyway, back to Cutler being wack… he’s wack. There is honestly no need to hang onto him. The “production” you have been getting to date is what you will be getting for the remainder of the year. The talent is obviously there, but who cares? This dude straight blows at football and there is no reason to waste the roster spot on his doofy corpse any longer.



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