NFL Real Talk: Week Seven

Roddy White doing what he does best this season: jack shit
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NFL Real Talk functions as a cumulative fantasy football resource for gamers looking to sniff out every advantage they can week-to-week. Here, you will find recommendations for players to buy/hold/sell/drop, as well as matchups for you to exploit. 


We are now six weeks deep into the NFL season. This is the pretty much the halfway point of the fantasy regular season, so it’s time to cut dead weight. That’s why, on Sunday morning, I cut bait with David Wilson. Now to be fair, I only dropped him because Larry Fitzgerald was being reported as a 50/50 play for a 4:00 PM game. In this particular 18-team league, you only have four bench spots. I won’t bore you with the details of what led to my decision, but the point is that you can’t be worrying about the value you paid in August. If you are in a league with limited bench spots, it’s rare to enjoy the luxury of “waiting.” At some point, what happens this week matters infinitely more than what a player might give you during a playoff run. 


Continuing our theme of switching shit up here on NFL Real Talk, we are naming cuttable players you paid a pretty penny on. For some people, it’s hard to admit failure by dropping a player you were talking up like a chump two months ago. Get over it. It’s pride-swallowing time if you are trying to make a championship run.


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The Cut-Tastrophes

You thought these dudes were gonna be a key cog to your championship train, but instead, they’re a loose bolt ready to bring the whole thing down. Don’t waste any more time, shoot these broken-legged horses and put them out of their (and your) misery.


Roddy White

He’s been banged up and ineffective all year, and now he has a hamstring pull? Fantasy owners better hamstring pull themselves out of this situation. He looks like he won’t have a shred of usefulness this season.


Dwayne Bowe

It would’ve been great to bust out a “Bowe-FLEX” joke this season, but that would’ve required Dwayne Bowe to be startable. The 6-0 Chiefs have no reason to change their “fuck Dwayne Bowe” offense, so fantasy owners shouldn’t expect Bowe to suddenly develop a rapport with pencil-necked Alex Smith.


BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Like your mom’s facial hairs, Giovani Bernard’s role in Cincinnati’s offense continues to grow (while BJGE’s YPC continues to shrink). Yes even RBs in a platoon usually warrant universal ownership, but in this case, Green-Ellis can be kicked to the curb.


Mike Williams

It’s not his fault. He’s part of a dysfunctional organization that is ruining every Bucs’ fantasy value. Still, there’s no reason to expect quality production from Williams this year.


Tavon Austin

He is still owned in 70-percent of Yahoo! leagues, which is 62-percent higher than his snap percentage in Week Six. 


Matchup Macking
Got a QB platoon or a start/sit quandary on your roster? Or perhaps you enjoy to dabble in weekly money leagues? Whatever your vice, you’ll find matchup plays that will tickle your roster’s fancy. This is where borderline options come to thrive (or die). Points are based on default Yahoo! settings with 0.5 points-per-reception.


Start ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

This week’s recommendations

QB – Nick Foles vs. DAL

WR – Terrance Williams @PHI

RB – Brandon Jacobs vs. MIN

TE – Scott Chandler @MIA


Last week’s points-per-recommendation (Yahoo! standard scoring with .5 PPR)

QB = 20.28 points (Joe Flacco)

WR = zero points (Mike Williams– INACTIVE)

RB = 6.5 points (Pierre Thomas)

TE = 2.9 points (Greg Olsen)


This season’s points-per-recommendation 

QB = 17.67 points (four recommendations) 

WR = 15.6 points (three recommendations) 

RB = 14.93 points (four recommendations) 

TE = 3.48 points (four recommendations) 


Sits ‘N Giggles

This week’s recommendations

QB – Joe Flacco @PIT

WR – Stevie Johnson @MIA

RB – Stevan Ridley @NYJ

TE – Garrett Graham @KC


Last week’s points-per-recommendation (Yahoo! standard scoring with .5 PPR)

QB = 6.84 points (Geno Smith)

WR = 19.1 points (Larry Fitzgerald)

RB = 2.6 points (Rashad Jennings)

TE = 20.2 points (Kyle Rudolph)


This season’s points-per-recommendation 

QB = 9.07 points (four recommendations) 

WR = 19.53 points (three recommendations) 

RB = 11.9 points (four recommendations) 

TE = 8.1 points (four recommendations)


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